a Socratic
Dialogue of systematic doubt
. Instead each course was taught
as if the facts presented were truths handed down by God to be memorized.
After reading the very revealing Deschooling
by Ivan Illich, I gained confidence in attempting
a Socratic Dialogue directly with the immortal books. This approach
has taken a long time and is still ongoing. However I believe I
have discovered a straightforward approach to achieve an education
level that is the peer of any elite undergraduate college in the
modern world. This wouldn’t have been the case 70 years ago
when colleges were far better, but it is now. The dessert is getting a recognized college
degree. You will do this by taking your final year of study in a
distance program at either Empire
State College
or Open University.
These colleges allow testing out of other courses, so you will do
that for the other 3 years. You’ll want to be in communication
with either of these 2 from the start about your plan and progress.
Make a 4.5-year study schedule of the chapters of each book under
advisement from your tutors and college. You may have to skip some
chapters depending on your ability and commitment. Be sure to stay
on top of this because these books will require a tremendous amount
of work. Your payback however will be literally priceless.

Here are the
7 books, in the order they should be studied:

  1. Complete
    Works of Shakespeare
    or part of that in combination with
    a literary anthology to be assigned by a tutor. Be sure to get
    plenty of writing assignments. 5 months.
  2. History
    of Western Philosophy
    by Bertrand Russell. Engage in a
    lot of Socratic Dialogue. 5 months.
  3. The
    Making of the Modern Mind
    by Randall. Engage in a lot
    of Socratic Dialogue. 5 months.
  4. Man,
    Economy and State
    by Rothbard. Engage in a lot of Socratic
    Dialogue. 5 months.
  5. What
    Is Mathematics
    by Courant and Robbins. Work every problem
    and ask for additional ones. 5 months.
  6. Structure
    and Interpretation of Computer Programs
    by Abelson, Sussman
    and Sussman. Work every problem and ask for additional ones. 8
  7. Lectures
    on Physics
    by Feynman. Work every problem and ask for
    additional ones. 10 months.
  8. Reading additional books by Rothbard
    would also be a great idea, especially This
    . Given current circumstances, everyone of every education
    level should read This


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