CSIRO warns of climate change doomsday

Peter Jean

THE world may be on track to face economic and ecological collapses by the middle of the century, according to CSIRO research.

The 1972 bestselling scientific report The Limits to Growth warned of possible doomsday scenarios created by unchecked use of resources.

A study by CSIRO physicist Dr Graham Turner found data projections made in The Limits to Growth were correct.

Dr Turner said projections relating to population, food and industrial production, pollution and consumption of non-renewable natural resources between 1970 and 2000 were broadly accurate.

“Unless (The Limits of Growth) is invalidated by other scientific research, the data comparison presented here lends support to the conclusion that the global system is on an unsustainable trajectory,” he said.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers commissioned by environment group The Club of Rome used computer modelling to develop The Limits to Growth study.

The report has been criticised by many economists and scientists over the years.

Under a “business as usual” scenario modelled in the report, the world population and the use of industrial resources would continue to grow.

Pollution would increase, harming agricultural production and human life and more energy and resources would be required to access declining levels of non-renewable natural resources.

“Eventually those pollution effects cause a big decline in the population,” Dr Turner said.

The Limits of Growth said disaster could be averted through technological advances and a reduction in consumption of material goods.

Dr Turner said there was still time to reduce the potential impacts of the looming environmental and economic problems by controlling pollution levels.

“There is still time to avert things, but we may have to consider some environmental degradation and impacts on the economy might still occur,” he said.

The Limits of Growth called for couples not to have more than two children and for the consumption of goods and resources to be cut to around the levels of the 1950s.


One Response to “CSIRO warns of climate change doomsday”

  1. George Says:

    You filing this article as uncatogorised is woeful to say the very least.
    If you haven’t got a category on climate change, I suggest you get one really quick.
    Is this the sort of respect we pay some so ahead of their time…with all the supposed “Advances” we’ve made since??? Denial has a funny way of making it’s presence felt, even in subtle ways!

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