the old path

The Sumerians

Land between two rivers, ever yearning,

Through the land of the living, ever searching.

Like dreams we once walked this land,

House of Gods, twin towers, sacred ground.

To wish for origins to be uncovered,

And our journeys start, to be discovered.

All was known but now is gone,

Our peoples hid, our work undone.

With fear and lies they see what was,

Blind eyes they led us, our path they chose.

A land of dreams is all that’s there,

And between two rivers, all now is bare.

But our legacy now, to be discovered,

And our journeys start, to be uncovered

By Dawnrazor.

The Sumerians…

One of the oldest known civilizations.. and the first to keep historical documents in the form of clay tablets engraved with cuneiform script telling the story of creation and of their culture.

Unfortunately most of the historical records (clay tablets) were too badly damaged over the centuries and some of the scripts lost forever. Where the cuneiform cannot be translated or the most accurate assumption has been made, will see square brackets [ ]


Enuma Elish

The Sumerian book of creation found in seven clay tablets telling the tale of “Genesis”


The King of Uruk, a Sumerian city. Read the epic of Gilgamesh

Descent of Ishtar

The descent of Ishtar into the underworld.


The home of the Annunaki


A revised view on the facts that history presents to us.

The Sumerian clay tablets

These scripts contain the actual translations of the tablets. Some of the tablets are damaged to the extent where they are unreadable which is very unfortunate. What remains is written here and although is classed as myth by many historians, They are also historical documents of one of the oldest civilizations we know of.



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