Do their Momas still love ’em?


Thanq God for the internet, that’s what I say. How many people are with me expressing dismay at all the surprise over the US government’s lying, cheating, torturing and corruption? . . . Oh oh oh, this is not our U S of A everyone laments.

Oh yes it is!

Official murder, manipulation of elections all over the world as well as at home has been going on forever. We just didn’t know or pretended we didn’t know.

Blame Dubya sure. Why not? Blame every president back to Washington himself. But above all blame the horror of complacency at the Lobo Lounge! The horror. The horror!

Now the internet bloggers, bless them, make liars out of MSM that can’t play block anymore. MSM tries but it can’t keep up. Anyone who has traveled and lived in the third world knows of the violence and the hate it engender towards the main perpetrator, the US and the UK too, and we’ve known it for decades. In fact the UK taught the US all it knows about imperial violence. Stat . . .

Dr. John Brand is a frequent contributor to the many Internet news sources: I enjoy reading his astute observations. He often quotes Paul MacLean’s “Brain Roots to the Will-to-Power.” The theory being that what appears to be a universal violent human tendency is inevitably rooted in our brain ganglia as inherited from our, eons ago, pre-Cambrian ancestors.

Which gets me to wondering. The reptilian brain is obviously a part of all of us. As Dr. Brand explains the difference between the immature and mature mind is the ability for the latter to rein in its overt sociopathic tendencies.

But has Maclean got it right? His contention that we are at the mercy of a reptilian cortex developed eons ago sort of gives license to submit to the inevitable consequences and, accordingly, commit whatever violence and mayhem fits our fancy with the excuse that, well . . .we are not responsible. Why not kill everything that moves: err . . . like

The best “guns-but-no-butter” your taxes can buy.
Pick out England’s ex-PM John Major.
See if you can pick out the chair reserved
for England’s current PM Tony Blair:
the one “Poppie” Bush used to sit in!
Canada’s Jimmy Pattison is busting
his buttons to slime in.

These guys make billions

The American tape worm.

fulfilling our Mesozoic destiny?

I wonder, does not circumstance, economic / biological / political / cultural (the old Margaret Mead / Franz Boaz question) induced behavior, also play a role in forming our response to the milieu in which we live? Even the most mature mind will surely grab at opportunity if it believes it can get way with the social consequences.

Naw, don’t let science rationalize the horror away: from the Roman, British, all the repulsive empires of history and now the American empire. Reptilian brain, ganglia, nonsense! Destructive violence comes from a ruling caste who take it upon themselves to kill, maim and destroy anything that gets in the way of their psychotic, rampant avarice. While nice people whine complicitly in the background!

Capitalism is war! War is America!

I have never been a believer in left / right political labeling. As I follow the Internet news sources I am beginning to discern a holier than thou attitude embraced by those, the supposed left, opposed to current trends: as though to say we are not to blame. It is not our responsibility. There is a subliminal implication that President George W. Bush is an American anomaly and when the U.S. gets back to its roots in the Constitution all will be well.

Personally I do not see it that way. The United States of America, no matter which “party”, no matter who the president, has been dispensing death and destruction for over two centuries. Indeed what I see is an uncontrolled bully menacing the world, on a whim, consistently. The political “left,” or “right,” whatever those terms mean, have been complicit as much as Eisenhower’s “military industrial complex.”

Stanley Kowalski – Colonel Kurtz
America then and now!

Ironically, winding down his presidency, Eisenhower, the most powerful man in the world, who by-the-way also revealed himself to be a persistent liar over the 1960 U2 incident, whined about the “military industrial complex” but did nothing to curtail its influence: in power he was full of it.

Can anyone really dispute, the United States of America has always been controlled by a violent, soviet-style socialist government (the oligarchy within the State). Just because it excludes the majority from its benefits does not convince. To be in the loop, is to be in a cradle to the grave paradise! The US has consistently subsidized, sheltered and supported a large militaristic cohort of society against the vicissitudes of inevitability. The taxing of the many has always sheltered the few: socialism! That Americans can be deluded so easily just spells attention deficiency.

In contrast to the erstwhile British Empire the ruling castes of the U.S. Empire shares, with the “working classes,” some of its ill-gotten gains, albeit reluctantly. Shared, though is hardly the word. Indeed, the American public has been, and is, complicit in official violence and corruption. The be-happy phrase, “don’t equate the actions of the US government with the desires of the American people” does not let anyone off the hook!

In order to understand a people, any people, in this case the U.S.A. read the semiotics of their culture. Such as: –


When, Madeline Albright****, then U.S. Ambassador to the UN was asked on U.S. television what she felt about the fact that over 500,000 Iraqi children had died as a result of sanctions her now, notorious, reply was that “It was a hard choice but that, all things considered, we think the price is worth it.”

And while Billie Holliday was singing “Strange Fruits” Louis Armstrong was singing “Oh what a wonderful world!”

He’s buying!

Hey cummon! Let’s get one thing straight. George W. Bush is not a foreign object imposed upon the body politic of America. I mean, for God’s sake, after all they have seen of him he still won the election with all of ’em grovelling at his knees! Foreign press may wax eloquent on Bush’s malapropisms but they go over like hot cakes in Heartland. George Bush is America! Spoiled-child scion of a well-entrenched ruling caste that he is. Nevertheless, a gullible US public is under the delusion he is one of them.

Where are the best jobs: the juicy salaries? Building bombs and domestic spying, of course. Should all Americans, or for that matter, all of us North of Rio Bravo, look in the mirror they will see that “Smirk.” Get used to it. Because that is the future!

Behind every great fortune
lies a great crime.

Honore Balzac

That off the cuff remark, “. . . the chick was in the way!” says it all. No!

Now don’t go around accusing me of America-Hate. I do not hate America. I wish it well in its on-going endeavor to find itself. No. I do not hate America. I am scared to death of America: such infantile minds wielding all that weaponry and firepower!

What is going on today is nothing new. How far back do you want to go? I mean, good grief the list is endless! Who started the Barbary Wars (1801)? Monroe doctine 1823. The Alamo: the first un-provoked war (1836): poof, there went half of Mexico. Here comes the cavalry: goodbye the indigene. Was honest Abe honest? He was an institutional murderer as was general Lee who ordered Pickett’s charge (1863). The USS Maine: yup, another provocation (1898). Was Warren Harding (Teapot Dome: 1924) disconnected? Mohammed Mossadegh, 1953. Was Lyndon Johnson (Gulf of Tonkin: 1964) honest? My Lia 1968; Was Richard Nixon (1974) a crook? Was Ronald Reagan (Iran/Contra: 1983) with it? The old man and Panama ’89! Highway of death, 1991; Janet Reno****, Waco 1995. Clinton blasted al-Shifa pharmaceutical company, 1998 and bombed the hell out of Kosovo. Fallujah and Abu Ghraib 2004, H.V.A.C. S.U.V’s: environment: who cares? Haiti today! Was Mackenzie King, prime minister of Canada (1921-48) after he had been employed as a strikebreaking goon for the Rockefeller interests in Colorado, a liberal?

Michael Moore’s erstwhile pin-up boy,

Recent horrors perpetrated upon the
world by these two international criminals
will not be expiated by simply
voting them out.
Oh no, their crimes are endemic
to their respective jurisdictions.
History teaches they may kill,
maim and torture with impunity.
Nothing short of a massive
paradigm shift
can awaken the opiated
mass to its complicity
in their horrific deeds!

General Wesley Clark. General? Popular in Texas eh: that figures! What do generals know about running a country. Aren’t generals trained killers? Heartland’ll luv’ ‘im!

Bush and his historic deficit! Mexico’s hero Benito Juarez who won the war of reform (1861), and bumped poor old Maximilian off, was a supposed liberal. He too faced a massive deficit of foreign debt. He invented privatization. Juarez confiscated church land with the good will of the campesinos, who fully expected to be the recipients, then sold it off to the haciendados to pay off the debt (sound like British Columbia’s D.U.I. Premier Gordon Campbell?), creating massive landed estates, and thus setting the scene for the Porfiriato and the revolution. What happened to the debt? Well it just got larger. So did the haciendas. It is even greater today. So what’s new?

Liberal? – American Idol! Democracy? – American Idol! Does al-Qaida exist? – American Idol! Did WMD’s exist? – American Idol! Is Tony Blair a liar? – American Idol! (Who’s Tony Blair?) Is George Bush a moron? – American Idol! You’re fired Q.E.D!

Well, at last someone is beginning to see the light: making the right connections. Even though it is just a majority of one: i.e. me, despite the hesitant back-tracking of a disparate few! Until we get beyond left /right arguing and get down to the real questions mendacity rules.

Big news in America!!!!

Another one of my favourite web news correspondents is John Chuckman. One of his more interesting articles attempts to draw a parallel between President George W. Bush and Adolph Hitler. The article drew on several characteristics common to Hitler and President George W. Bush. Good comparison? I don’t thinq so!

Both, supposedly, were products of their times. But their times where different. I can speak on the Hitler times because I lived through them and was a recipient of the whiffs of cordite he dispensed.

Anyway the comparison is meaningless. Hitler was an alienated angry man in search of legitimacy within the hopeless aftermath of WW1. He found it in destruction. Prior to WW1 Austria, Germany’s, and Europe’s was a cultivated urbane society, paradoxically within an ethos of brutal imperialism, with down trodden masses craving education and enlightenment.

President George W. Bush, the product of a privileged disinterested family bent on greed for greed’s sake, reflects the ethos of American values. The USA, too, is a brutal imperia that, in contrast to pre-WW1 Europe, is condoned by, the spoils of which are shared by, the American people: a people that comes from two centuries of violence, destruction and indigenous genocide. George W. Bush is a scion of a complacent, albeit self-loathing people, saturated in profligacy and self-indulgence.

Universal American education, that is, or was,

This guy
does the lying.

These guys
do the believing!

available to all, is xenophobic prejudice.

President George W. Bush is quite different to what Hitler was! Hitler was not ignorant. Hitler was an ascetic: Bush has an addictive personality.

He finds legitimacy in ignorance and irresponsibility, if that makes sense! Bush finds satisfaction, gullibly, in feeding on greed. Furthermore, Adolph Hitler was the recipient of the Iron Cross for bravery in the trenches. Bush and his clique avoided all that!

The American people do not crave peace and enlightenment. They just crave the oblivion of wanting more (whatever more is: who cares?). As was conclusively demonstrated, fraud notwithstanding, in the recent presidential elections!

There is mounting evidence to suggest the great “moral majority,” of the disengaged, in the United States, rather than congenitally violent, are not just stupid, eager to be “pit-lamped” by whatever snake oil salesman’s (i.e. Arnold S.) bright mirages flashes before their eyes, they are very, very dangerous to the well being of Earth.

The dinosaurs, our supposed intellectual progenitors,

Janus head.

Both of these two self-serving
delusions are irrelevant.
Expect an abrupt deterioration
in your profligate
life-style soon.
No matter who “wins”.

reptilian cortex and all, were violent: yes! But they did not dress up in military uniforms at the behest of one sociopathic loony, rampaging around wantonly slaughter their own. Kill they did, but in self-defense and for food. They were not stupid! They lasted for millions of years!

How often do we assure ourselves those wonderful young people serving in “our” military are innocents seeking a college education? Preserving “freedom” to boot! Realistically, truth be known, those youngsters believe they are immortal, until reality reared its ugly head, zapping digitized monsters that can be wiped out with a twiddle of the joystick: no blowback, no consequences.

“Bring ’em on . . .” (GWB’s direct quote from Star Wars IV). War can be fun if you’re hiding in the White House basement bunker munching pretzels: lucrative too if you have the right friends! It can even be fun sitting in a fifty-ton tank potting off “rag-heads” especially coming home be-deck in “medals. And, hey, what could be more fun for three star general than vicariously torturing and sexually abusing defenseless prisoners with impunity! Why one of them even said so recently, “killing people is fun.” Now if that isn’t Clint Eastwood’s America what is?

A US tank did this.
Your clean-cut, mid-West neighbour’s
kid could be the driver!

It is my contention that we in the western world are all responsible, especially citizens of the U.S. who have enjoyed, for decades, profligate corruption and excess life style. Happy nice hard working, church-going suburban, families have for decades lived off the brutal rampages of their proxies the world over.

Were it not the flower children who eventually allowed, by default or otherwise, Ronald Reagan his full head? Even today Ronald Reagan is universally idolized, which just goes to show how morally bankrupt heartland America is. And his administration was only marginally less criminal than the current one.

“Farewell the big wars
That make ambition virtue!”

William Shakespear.

How Jimmy Carter qualified for a Nobel Peace Prize, with Zbigniew Brzezinski as national security advisor sure beats me! Peanut farmer Carter could, as president (I mean this guy was supposed to be the most powerful man in the world! No?) have revoked import tariffs on peanuts. Surely that one generous gesture would have done more for poor African farmers than his petty grand standing: hammering a few nails, cameras rolling, at low-cost-housing!

And now the Bush / Blair Nobel Peace nomination? Sir Tommy Franks Bart. Jesus Christ, what next? Surely another icon of moral bankruptcy? Go figure!

Look, we are talking criminal pathology here, not politics! The issue is not left/right, neo-con/neo-liberal, hawk/dove! The issue is life-style. So long as 5% +/- of the world’s population continue

Beware false prophets.
Her 50th?
The tab could have fed millions!

to drain opportunity and resources from a world of diminishing returns, insisting on a profligate corrupt life style, expect more insecurity, not less!

Any romantic notion of what lies between the ears of Mr. and Mrs. Heartland USA, the leave it to Beaver legend, is dispelled by accounting for the blizzard of porn Spam that litters our in-box every morning. And have no illusions, Mr. and Mrs Heartland, American voters all, are almost 100% behind their government’s criminal belligerence.

Consider the ask-no-questions assassinations of the Kennedy Bros. and MLK!

Obesity has attained pandemic proportions: “Hey yank, no one is pointing a gun at yer head. No one is stuffing that junk down yer gullet.” Heartland won’t even take responsibility for its own body, to say nothing of its government’s actions! Obesity per se is not your problem. Manuafacturing obesity-guilt, transferring personal guilt away from what you are doing to the world, is!

Rice pudding.

Observe America’s penchant for obsequious celebrity worship. Rush, Paris, George, Michael, Krispy Kreme, Oprah, Abby, Kevin Costner’s “Wyatt Earp” for sanctimonious violence; Peckinpah’s “The Wild Bunch;” John Wayne’s, “The Alamo” xenophobic lies, and the perfidious sequal: Michael Eisner’s version. And now governor Schwarzenegger: errr . . . what is it called, “democracy” “demagoguery” or is it just money?

No need to study the semiotics of U.S. architecture very closely:

That says it all?
His popularity is way down.
Who cares? He’s got Diebold.
Only in America . . .

from the frantic to bathos. Witness it lurch violently through Frank Gehry’s grotesque and obscenely expensive, adolescent cries for attention, banal phallic mediocrity to dysfunctional conurbations.

Listen to the whining, superficially repetitive

Mission accomplished!
And what precisely does
Bush thinq he has accomplished?

commercial ballads of unrequited co-dependencies.

Recently there has arisen much concern that the United States of America may, may indeed, become a fascist dictatorship. Truly amazing. The USA has been a fascist dictatorship for decades. Most Americans are oblivious to this state because they are couch potatoes: drugged on consumerism, Nascar machoism, television, Hollywood and mesmerised by bimbo anchor news.

U. S. media news boils down to a cute hair-do . . . is there any? Try finding anything that resembles a sensitive heart-felt interpretation of the human condition in the video store. It is there sequestered amongst a barrage of gratuitous violence, casual sex, militarism and control freaks.

When will ordinary US voters come to terms with their personal complicity when media predators like Michael Moore pump out pefidious money making distractions like BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE?

Sort of makes Leo Strauss’s point: lie to the hio-pollio for their own good. Some good! The flatulent, borborygmic three levels of “soi disant” checks and balances tells us where America is. No!

“All I wanna do is have some fun. I’ve a feeling I’m not the only one.
All I wanna do is have some fun until the Sun comes up over Santa Monica Boulevard”
Sheryl Crow.

****Just a thought: Who said,
“when women get their hands on the levers of power the world will be a kinder, gentler place!”

Read the semiotics! And that, ladies and gentlemen of the other 95% is the American mind! May the world be protected from it?

January / February 2003 I visited the UK, the place of my birth. It disgusts me to be reminded how my young impressionable mind was polluted by all that twisted Empire propaganda: William Blake’s, jingoistic, xenophobic Jerusalem was our school song. “And did those feet in ancient times wander on England’s pleasant pastures green.” Even at our tender age we knew it to be highly unlikely Jesus Christ wandered “England’s pleasant pastures . . .” We could recognize propaganda. At 75 I have at last become moderately enlightened: it took a while, a few bruises too.

Some sixty years ago Gandhi visited the textile mills of Northern England’s black country. He was dismayed to see the poor and deprived British working classes. Not much better off than his exploited fellow Indians. He believed wealth being drained out of India by, among other things, imposts on indigenous cotton goods was going to the British people. His brief visit dispelled that bally-hoo.

For twisted Empire propaganda get this :-


Diego Garcia

Bear with me as I relate a little anecdote about the Great Britannia brainwash pageant.

Happy couple?

Sometime in the 1940’s, as the war was raging, governments on all sides were hungry for young bodies: and young bodies, as now, were stupid enough to oblige. Accordingly, very inspiring tales were blossoming in much the same way as they are in today’s wars. Rule Britannia was full of itself.

What’s the scowl . . . ?

There seem to be, now, as many warm young bodies eager to be turned cold as there were then. Fortunately I was too young but for the grace of God, etc!

Churchill declared elections void for the duration of hostilities: you, telly-eye-popping Yanks are headed that way too. Thinq Syria, Cuba: Nascar Johns and Soccermom Sabrinas love war!

Anyway as Rule Britannia ruled the waves no one could beat the Royal Navy: except admiral Graf Spee. It wasn’t much of a victory:

Land of Hope and Glory!

it didn’t turn the war, but . . .! As I remember, from some 60 odd years ago, the yarn was of an RN rating’s great heroism during the battle of Coronel off the Chilean coast in 1914.

Battle of Coronel: Admiral Craddock RN received a naveem (RN terminology)

Ten bob at any seaside giftshop.

to the effect that a small force of German raiders was operating against British merchant shipping in the South Pacific.

As it turned out the naveem was wrong (sound familiar?). The German force was far superior. Nevertheless, true to Rule Britannia rule the RN engaged: and lost the cruisers Monmouth and Good Hope among others.

Thus the inspiring story goes that a brave boy seaman (14/15 years, probably) could be heard singing Rule Britannia from the quarterdeck as the Monmouth sank.

Now, for anyone who has been to sea, been in battle, taken a whiff of cordite, heard a ship go down: they will know. The noise is incredible. Imagine, waves and explosions consuming everywhere and this poor kid was heard singing from another ship that, if it were so close, would endanger itself! Why, it would be impossible to hear the kid if you were two inches from his vocal cords.

Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves . . .
Yeah, and this is what the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers do to their POW’s!

Jeezless, the mendacity of the ruling castes and gullibility of the public know no bounds! Or is it that the public believes because they love the excitement of war, sort of like a soccer match, so long as they are not in it!

Any people that continue to be suckered in by such yarns deserved to have every penny of their

Ayn Rand in drag.
Empire will wilt
when the subjects see
themselves as more than
mindless consumers!

hard-earned tax dollars gobbled up by a grotesquely wasteful military industrial complex, while the fat guys send poor kids off to slaughter, in any country. More fool you for letting them do it!

It’s as implausible as the orchestra playing “Closer to thee . . .” as the Titanic foundered. Or WMD’s, or 45 minutes, or babies, zyklon gas and incubators and on and on and on!

Of course the British have now attained a level of benign affluence but it has come at extra-ordinary expense. I was very much disconcerted at the peppering of everyday ordinary Briton’s conversation with derogatory appellations such as “wog” and “nigg-nog” referring to their erstwhile subjects who had kicked them out of their, quite recent, colonial sinecures. Use of such terms, in my opinion, has naught to do with the cortex and a lot to do with thwarted expectations. For all the influx of wealth, for all the outward appearance of satisfaction, the cars, afternoon television game shows and opulent roast beef dinners-out I see none of the real attainment of Empire. The same driven self-loathing permeates heartland U.S.A!

When I lived in Mexico City it became clear to me that we, Canadians, Britons and Mexicans are all essentially the same, though. We all have families; we all have the same desire for security and contentment. The difference is that we, in our own way, respond to the different circumstances that are imposed upon us: Mexico the repression is palpable, in Britain there is,

and nails!

and was, a climate not unlike the current US Patriot act (Katharine Gun, The Irish problem) and in Canada we are okay so long as we consume. I found living in those three environments it was possible to ignore the repression just so long as I went along, so to speak. I am not talking only political activity; I am talking, trying to get along in business too! Test the limits and well . . . expect the full wrath of the state to descend.

Tracing the history of Europe as it interlocks with the USA there is a clear pattern. Those iniquitous closure laws of the 18th and 19th centuries, (now being visited upon NAFTA’s hapless victims), to large extent, violently displaced a population to North America. In turn that population of “oh-so-decent, settler-marauders” decimated the indigenous population and environment. Had they been left alone their reptilian cortex would have remained dormant. In the event they where not left alone, well the rest is history. Ergo circumstance, the B. F. Skinner syndrome, also plays a significant role. Regardless of our biology we cannot escape history.


He's desparate to be re-elected. He knows he and his bunch of extremists are facing war crime charges. Thinq corrupted voting machines!

“If you need a leader
to lead you
out of the wilderness this year,
he will lead you right
back into the wilderness
next year.”

The USA Trilogy.
John dos Passos.

while on the subject of how behavior molds our souls, the reasons for the closure laws were to facilitate the new landed capitalist classes to graze their very profitable sheep where once the commons held sway. Is there a message here? People were driven off the common land by sheep! Today now, the question arises, appraising the current media induced somnambulating herd instincts of the believing masses, who are the sheep?

It bemuses me: nay it scares the hell out of me, to read the profusion of insults hurled at George W. He plays on the ignorance and fears of heartland USA like a maestro. Look for heaven’s sake, if a large majority of Americans are taken in by an A.W.O.L. jock landing-on-a-carrier-deck and a now-he’s-here-now-he’s-not-plastic-turkey-landing they can be suckered in by any violent measure! And God help the rest of the world. And that has nothing to do with the U.S. citizens’ brain ganglia and a hell of a lot to do with self-indulgence!

The insults distract the perpetrators from their own personal complicity: gives them a false sense of superiority. President George W. Bush is not a moron. He is a driven sociopath (thinq Caligula, or even Disraeli) and a pathological liar clearly out of control of his emotions: a common arch-type in the history of Empires.

1908 the Boxers heaved
the Dowager Empress.
In the chaos foreigners
set up concessions.

Kerry, Bush: who cares?
Kerry showed
voting is out!

China concessions
on the West Coast:
Israel on the East.
Mercenaries rampaging
for the highest bidder.

USA 2050!

He is dedicated and he knows exactly what he is doing. Self-righteous do-gooders may scorn his antics, like the tail hook thing. Nevertheless heartland laps them up!

Well, after the Gannon / Guckert thingies, or even more scary Bush’s recent malicious meanderings around Europe, it’s obvious: the man is unfit for the office. Nevertheless, his diabolical neo-con handlers, can see the end of finite resources: peak oil and scarcity of water, of course!

Did not vice-president Dick Cheney say, and I paraphrase, we will do anything to preserve the American way of life. Oil comes to mind. Evidently his detractors, who them selves are party to world exploitation by their very life styles seem to be with him. He is positioning himself, his family and his cohort to be in a position of privilege when the boom is lowered: regardless of whether he harbors a brain that is reptilian or Godzillion or, indeed, a reincarnation of Mother Theresa! He will perpetrate whatever violence is necessary to preserve his privileges, with the aplomb of a true sophisticate.

It is my belief that the current system, if indeed it is a system, has run its course: we are witness to the end of an era! Voting one way or another is meaningless, if all we can do is vote for a remote millionaire who has been chosen for us. They all feed at the same trough and if not will once elected: politicians have a mindset that is . . . well approachable. Voting one way or another is no longer an option. The origninal idea has been perverted: green-backs, not votes, get ’em elected!

President George Bush, UK’s PM Tony, delusions-of-empire, Blair, Canada’s erstwhile PM Jean Chretien (the play acting “little-guy-from-Shawinigan” whose chain-link fence, and Sgt. Pepper, greased NAFTA’s slippery slope), Canada’s current PM, multi-millionaire Paul Martin Jr. (whose tax-dodge ships fly under flags of convenience) and Mexico’s Presidente, Don Coca-Cola, Vincente Fox Quesada for that matter, are simply the inevitable outcome of decade upon decade of irresponsible, mindless self-indulgence practiced on a national scale. Why Vinny’s Plan Puebla/Panama, just like Terry Belaunde’s mythical highway and Vancouver’s Winter Olympic bid (and its ravenous RAV line), is just a polite way of transferring public wealth into private hands. The gullible fall, hook-line-and-sinker, for it every time!

Let’s get it straight: click image!

And in mentioning Vancouver’s RAV (Richmond, Airport, Vancouver rapid transit), for months no one, other than the construction unions and the money boys wanted it. A small number of union yobs will enjoy, briefly, hi-flying hourly rates. The money boys will be the real beneficiares, though. With their P3 legerdemain ( i.e. public / private / partnership – deciphered “private profits public-debt“) they will stash their loot in off-shore tax havens.

Translink, BC’s transit authority and Vancouver’s council-of-the-people didn’t want it! All sensible studies proved it to be negative for over-all transportation. So how on earth did it gain approval? Well of course, and how many times have we seen this,

This guy
knows too much!
Expect a Jack Ruby
anytime now!


And he’s scheduled
for next summer!

the money boys kept insisting until the umpteenth vote went their way. Hey presto, we have RAV!

Stupid, aren’t we?

Cuernavaca’s Avenida No Reeleccion has my vote!

In the unlikely event (thinq perpetual war and the Churchillian solution) that Bush, and the more likely event that Blair, will not be in office in the near future, what then? Pardons come easy. Un-accountability sweeps wide. In my living memory the US has gone through similar incidents, tragically bullying small defenceless countries before. Impeachment has been threatened. Presidents and their administrators have fallen from grace. Each time a happy face is put on the aftermath and nothing changes. No one learns.

History demonstrates, time and time again, the world will be driven through more disgraceful episodes generated by the grotesquely child-like American!

Tuney fish
caugh off Scarborough, UK, in 1938.
Now, such creatures just don’t exist.
Only 65 years later the North Sea is,
literally, dead: over-fished.
The cry environmental collapse
is not scare mongering!

I make a prediction, even if the currency crashes or Peak oil peaks, millions perish, irrefutable evidence points to Bush no one will see trial for treason and war crimes. That is when the true monolith of US politics becomes exposed. Oh we cannot do that, it will rip the country apart. You heard it here first, okay!

So, what other alternative is there but voluntary simplicity: that is to give up the life style and things that feed into the system. Lowering the ante, so to speak? With Bush’s intent to complete Reagan’s policy, destroying the US treasury, it looks like simplicity will be forced on the US anyway.

Amazingly, Britain’s dysfunctional Prime Minister Tony Blair tried floating a ploy to legalize pre-emptive war against all rogue nations. Rogue then becomes a matter of definition: one would suppose the first to be accused are the USA, Israel and the UK.

This, then, brings up the specter of government. Clearly Blair’s ploy is just that: a diversionary ploy to get his Christian-love-thy-neighbour ass out of its sling. Yet, is it not obvious, governments of any stripe, today, are totally disconnected from reality? Government, any government, anywhere, exists, surely, for the sole purpose of perpetuating itself.

When a government willfully murders 3,000 of its own citizens and its people let it get away with the crime, the world is in jeopardy. It sends a signal, even down to the municipal level, that criminals in government can act with impunity.

Healthy government is necessary and good. Do not interpret this diatribe as anti-government. But government in the wrong hands, and believe me we have elected psychotics today, is dangerously destructive to the whole of mankind.

And it’s going to take one hell of a lot of work to put things right: quite likely another, God forbid, civil war. We are looking at decades of struggle.

So, you want to be responsible, then?

Repeating the same routine, over and over, expecting a different result, is a definition of insanity. Okay now listen. Forget the ballot. That’s yesterday’s cold spaghetti. Vote with your pocket book. Get out of debt: clear the mortgage. Dump your real estate. Get off the consumer tread mill. Loosen up, free up.

Stop feeding the system! Begin by digging the groundwork for a local small-scale network of influence: vote for a candidate who came out of a system of our own making. We must anticipate a participatory system that allows us to be accountable, and responsible without name-calling, for our decisions and actions. I believe this will become a necessity as environmental collapse approaches.

Much more than a change of faces is needed. Try a total change in the way we see ourselves.

So, you’re retired. You’re bored. You feel you’ve missed out. You’re resentful. You sneer at just about everything! But hey, there’s that bulk of newspapers to keep you happy and it’s raining outside.

The new ayatollah

Cha gonna have ta live widit
for a long time yit!

But you know it’s all lies: newspapers = clear-cuts. To assuage your guilt you write a cheque: “Save-the-spotted-owl,” “Save-the-marmut.” Get it? See the contradiction, see your complacency? Wake up pal! You’re feeding the problem.

First priority. Politically organize at the local level. Give up the car that is consuming all that stuff so many Iraqis are dying over. Peak oil was yesterday! Disconnect the television. Why pay for lies?. Dump the cell-phone. Take Jane Goodall’s advice: back-pedal on the gluttony. Give up the consumer tread mill.


Self-loathing heartland USA cannot abide the thought, eh! It would rather kill than give up anything. But if only 5% adopted a simple lifestyle it would put a halt to our destructive growth syndrome. And hopefully the trend would flourish.

Hope? Not in vain I trust.

At my age, for my children and grand children’s sake I still have hope. Yet I am not too old to recognize good old “feel-good corporate lies” served up to an all too willing-to-believe gullible heart-land. Or is sustainable oil just more of the same: a mean hoax? A weak attempt at irony?


We do democracy
Then we do lunch.

You may ignore politics
But politics will not ignore you!
Expect a rough ride!



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  1. Urbanismo Says:

    You have pirated my web page.
    By Jack Mehoffer

    This article was not written by Jack Mehoffer

    and check out the more recent link.

    • Jack Mehoffer Says:

      Sorry, I did not mean to imply that I wrote this. It is a cut and paste, I use the blog to save writing that I like and may want to refer back to. Just let me know if you would like me to remove this

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