Symbolic Meaning of the Hawk

Ran into a hawk the other day at the park, he was screeching at me? Closest I have gotten to a hawk, Me and Jack my dog must have walked right underneath her. She was either trying to scare us away from her kill, or was trying to tell me something.  What could this mean? She had a white belly.
Attributes & symbolic meanings of the hawk:

  • Attention
  • Vision
  • Power
  • Energy
  • Leadership
  • Intensity

We take these indications from observing the hawk in nature. Here we see the hawk has tremendous vision. Their eyesight is phenomenal and a key factor in their incredible hunting abilities. Here the hawk is a message for us to keep our eyes (both physical & spiritual) keen on the areas that most require our attention. Specifically, the hawk beckons us to hone our focus on the areas that are out of balance in our lives. Recognition is the first step to solution.

We derive the essence of power, energy and intensity just by visually appreciating the hawk. Consider its powerful beak and impressive talons. It’s steely stare and intense focus also contribute to the aura of power the hawk holds. As such, the hawk asks us to be aware of the power each of us has over others. Further, we must each respect our potential positions of authority (leadership) and honor all those with whom we interact. It is abhorrent to the hawk’s spirit when we are careless with our power (or worse, dominating, arrogant or mean) when dealing with others.

Furthermore, the hawk is a solar animal which makes it kin to all the attributes summed up by fire and sun. Attributes such as brilliance, clarity, energy, and unification.

In dreams, hawks represent our yearning for freedom and clarity and is often considered a message from the subconscious to use our intellectual power to obtain the freedom we desire in lives.


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  1. gino Says:


    Over the past 2 months everywhere I travel I see a Hawk circling me, around my car. I would really like to know what you think this means or if you can point me in the direction to finding more information on Hawks following you.

    Thank you

    • Amanda Says:

      I have the same thing going on… is some helpful advice I read…..
      Hawk Totem

      Red Tailed Hawk Affirmation Card: I am healed and empowered through my visions. My life moves forward.
      There are many types of Hawks found throughout the world and each has medicine specific to their individual types. Yet there also characteristics that are specific to all Hawks and those are the focus here.

      Hawks are visionaries and messengers. As a totem they help to open the higher chakras so that we may hear and see the visions and messages that Spirit and the Universe are always sending our way. There is never a moment when the Universe is not trying to get a message through to us but we are so often too busy or unaware of what it is we need to be watching for! Hawk helps us to not only be aware that we are receiving a message but how to interpret them. The realm of symbols is also the realm of Hawk for Hawk is able to soar high above the earth to soar on the breath of Spirit, to commune with Spirit and thus understand through the intuitive level what the message means and with their keen eyesight, how to implement it once they return to earth through seeing the broader picture below.
      Many of the messages Hawk may bring are about freeing yourself of thoughts and beliefs that are limiting your ability to soar above your life and gain a greater perspective. If one remains earthbound, then the possibilities of life are limited! It is this ability to soar high above to catch a glimpse of the bigger picture that is one of the aspects of Hawk medicine that makes it so valuable: If one is undergoing a difficult passage to know that just over the next hill is freedom and liberation if one keeps going can be a Godsend in supporting the person to keep moving forward! Likewise, if the path is not appropriate, Hawk Medicine can alert one to this and point out a far more favourable path.
      Hawk medicine unites Heaven and Earth. Because of their ability to soar, they are able to reach up to the heavens to extract needed information and bring it back to earth. Much of this information is also very practical for use on a daily basis! It is not only higher concepts or ideas that are relayed, but also information we need to make our material or mundane lives more prosperous and fulfilling. For those who have difficulty attracting financial well being due to false or negative beliefs about money and success, Hawk can help to understand the true spiritual intent and purpose behind money and guide one in establishing new beliefs that are more joyful and abundant in nature.
      Hawk can alert us to those times when we should NOT take action because we do not yet have all the information we need. For example, someone is thinking of about becoming involved in a relationship, personal or business, yet they get the feeling that something is “not quite right”. This needs to be heeded and Hawk sent forth to gather the appropriate information to help the person make the best choice. Sometimes the person finds that Hawk was telling them to steer clear for very good reasons!
      Hawk can also help balance those who are more attuned to the lunar sides of their nature and have trouble expressing the solar side in pursuit of their goals. It helps the person to activate the positive aspects of their sun sign and to balance it with the lunar needs.

      Hawk people have their own unique challenges in life. Often they feel misunderstood in that when they attempt to deliver an important message others may shy away from it or respond with anger. Sometimes the messages may not be what the other person really wants to hear and yet the Hawk person feels duty bound to relay the message, no matter the consequences. It is important however that Hawk people do be aware of how they are presenting the messages they receive. They need more than many others to try and deliver the messages as gently as they can, only becoming more forceful if their inner guidance absolutely says it is needed. Sometimes simply thinking through for a time what needs to be said can help Hawk medicine people find just the right words to use that will make all the difference and in this they should be encouraged to take their time and soar above for a while before speaking their truth.
      Hawk medicine people like many who carry strong predator totems may be shunned by others who sense and fear their inner power. Others may sense that this is a person who can see straight through them and as many folks think in terms of judging things as being good or bad, they are afraid that the Hawk person will see who they “really” are and so they strike first in an attempt to keep the Hawk person at bay. Hawk people need to learn how to veil their energy somewhat, not as an attempt to deceive others but to allow people to get to know them and understand that Hawk has no interest in judging others. Often these people have seen so much of the best and worst in life that they find they have no need to judge. All is part and parcel of Spirit’s plan and if Spirit sees fit not to judge, why should the Hawk person?

      Some Hawk people may have a tendency because of their vast ability to see clear through to the heart of things to become arrogant and this should be avoided because it keeps them earthbound as well as turning other people off! Often this starts as confusion on the part of the Hawk person who cannot understand why others seem unable to be as aware of the larger picture and their own issues and projections. Especially when the Hawk person also has Mercury in Aquarius or in Mercury in aspect to Uranus which further enhances their ability to see and know, they may fail to understand that others are not as well developed yet in these areas and blurt out what they see and know without thinking of how it may impact another person. If they can keep in mind that their talents and abilities are gifts they have been given and that others carry medicine that the Hawk person may be weak in expressing it helps them to stay focused on Spirit as the true messenger and that they are the Hollow Bones for the energy to flow through. No totem is better than another! Each is part of the larger tapestry and as such all are powerful and important.

      Some with Hawk medicine find they have difficulty attracting the “right life Partner”. Hawk people may find that they tend to attract more “earthy” types who find the Hawk person’s need to “soar” disruptive or unimportant. This may occur because at a deeper level the Hawk person is fearful of soaring too high and crashing to earth Icarus like. In this instance, the Hawk person’s real issue is one of learning how to trust themselves and their medicine. Hawk people can pair well with more earth centered people because the earthy person can encourage the Hawk person to stay on earth long enough to bring some of their visions and ideas to fruition before soaring off to the Heights again. It can be very easy for hawk people to want to stay high above the earth and never bring their wonderful ideas back to earth where they and others can put them practice.
      Since Hawks mate for life, the Hawk Person may need to accept that it may take them some time before they find the person meant for them yet when they do, it is well worth the wait! Otherwise the Hawk person may find themselves tied to someone and unable to free themselves easily because of the deep entanglements they have created with this other person. Especially if children are involved in the relationship, the Hawk person may feel an extra strong sense of duty to stay in the relationship for the “sake of the children” as in many cases I have seen where the Hawk person ended up as the sole provider for the family . What the Hawk person needs is someone who can accept and honour their gifts and talents, giving them the space they need to soar high above.

      In the Celtic tradition Hawk empowers a person to seek out their ancestral roots and to examine in depth that which is positive so that it may be integrated into the person’s life and that which is limiting so it can be released. Tradition is only worth honoring when it supports joy and fulfillment in one’s life! In this tradition Hawk also supports the solar side as stated above, helping a person to move forward in life and to seek out great quests to embark upon.

      In the Egyptian Tradition Hawk was associated with Magic and shapeshifting. Isis is said to have shapeshifted into a Hawk to save Osiris. Horus also carried Hawk medicine which allowed him to see the “unseeable”.

      Among Native American traditions, Hawk served the role of Mercury, bringer of messages and portents of change. Hawk reminded the people they needed to be awake and aware.

      One of the greatest gifts a Hawk medicine person can give the world is their visions of a better and brighter future. Visionaries are always ahead of their time and it’s not easy seeing what others are not ready to see. Often these people are not honoured and recognized for their work and efforts until long after they have crossed over. And yet their work lives on to touch and enrich the lives of people the world over! Honour the Hawk people you meet in your life. Encourage them to soar so they may bring their visions and messages back to earth that all may benefit. If you are a Hawk person yourself, understand that Spirit can you an especial task to hold the energy of what could be, of potentials that are waiting to be envisioned and thus expressed through the mass consciousness. Seek out other Hawk people who can support you in your life and never allow others to cause you to lose sight of what is really important to you! Trust in the messages that Spirit entrusts to your special care and know that the expression of your visions will bring blessings not only to you, but also to all others!

      Here is a brief expression of three specific Hawk medicines:

      Red Tailed Hawk – An intensified Life force, often those who carry this Hawk medicine have Pluto and Mars strong in the horoscope. These folks are able to achieve great things through persistence and sheer strength of will. This Hawk can also help a person understand and overcome obstacles to prosperity and abundance.

      Harris Hawk – represents cooperation and support from others. Libra or Venus may be strong in the horoscope or Venus in Aquarius or in the 11th house. A more Mercurial/Virgo aspect is also prominent with this medicine, also the North Node in Virgo or the 11th house. This Hawk helps one to spread the word about goals or projects to those people who can be helpful for you. For those who use music to help them soar high above, this is a wonderful totem to be working with as it helps to integrate music and sound as a healing modality.

      Sparrowhawk – Awareness that opportunities that seem small on the surface have the potential for great growth and expansion over time. This Hawk helps us to see through to the heart of events and synchronicities that are trying to lead us to our greater goals and higher good. So often we ignore the smaller things in life because we can’t see how they could possibly be of much use to us or help us to resolve a problem. Yet when we soar high above to see where they fit in the larger scheme of things, we see how they are a jumping off point that if it were not presented to us and pursued, we could not reach that we are truly seeking.

      We have all the above Hawk energies as individual essences as well as a Hawk essence that embraces all the highest aspects of Hawk medicine while helping one to integrate the shadow aspect of the totem so it is used constructively. Our Hawk Essences can be found on these pages here –

      The Shamanic Animal Essences, Essence Oils and Mysts Page One

      The Shamanic Animal Essences, Essence Oils and Mysts Page Two

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      • kyliemaree Says:

        T Oh my gosh… Now I understand myself a hole lot clearer.. I hv found these hawk storys absolutely identical to wot u speak about.. It is so very true of me right dwn to each n every letter & word, I am definetely a hawk person…. One landed on my back clothes line this morning right after I jumped out of bed, furious wth barely one eye open than wammo.. there was Hawk on my back clothes line, my partner pointed him out actually, during all the heat, the flames coming frm mainly ME, I was pushing a point,that thing u were talking about, not being able to quite put yr finger on something, but u just know it, but yes the hawk snapped me out of viscious words of anger for about ten seconds, I knew in an instant flash he was there to tell me something, and yes I believe to he’s telling me not to lose my cool, I have a tendancy to reap this behaviour now & then, not something I like to do but nonethe less its entertained a few over time but thts always due to my proving that I am just & honest & 100% above board, it pains me that the other person is not going to believe me, things like that… But Hawk is wth me, and I’m definetly a hawk person, for now I sit like the wise owl, quiet, pondering situations not prodding lol, I hv enjoyed this websight very much… !!

  2. jack Says:

    Sorry, I think it means something, but I am no way qualified to say what. I kind of like the idea the it is Horus.

  3. michael Says:

    Hawks are like guiding angels protecting us of invisible destructive spirits all over trying to take down as many souls to bad paths of destruction.hawks just like the good angels will not let us fall in the vanities of this time of age in society.

  4. sandra Says:

    For the past 10 days a hawk has been very close to my house. Seen sitting on my roof, sometimes on patio furniture, even my car. I know there are small mammals in the area on which it feeds, but I wonder if there is supposed meaning or a sign attributed to his presence.

  5. Jodi Says:

    I think the hawk offers protection and guidance. It also seems to be a reminder to keep focused on the positive in life. Keep soaring, keep growing, keep learning, keep loving and laughing. Be at peace.

  6. sonya garcia Says:

    since last year when i got out of trouble i been seeing one different hawk everytime i go somewhere and out of all of them i seen three different red tailed hawks. is there a certain meaning for the red tail hawks and for the other hawks

  7. jennifer myers Says:

    maybe its one of your familars?

    • Benny Joe Ramirez dob 02-23-64 @10:42pm Says:

      I was driving and this red tail hawk soared up the embankment of the canyon and almost flew into my window on the passenger side killing itself on my windshield I don t understand

  8. Elizabeth Says:

    Hawks have incredible symbolism. Steven Farmer is the best author I have found when it comes to the spiritual and energetic properties of different animals. The Hawk is sign to be awake, aware and on the look out for messages in the form of events, synchronicity, repetition, etc… all ways Spirit communicates with us.

  9. Angelina Says:

    This is a very nice post, I found it on google while searching the meaning of a white hawk as an omen. I am not sure I got a clear answer though. I suppose for every person it could mean something different. A white hawk flew just next to my car window for 5-10 seconds while I was driving. In fact I slowed down and stopped in awe, to see it fly on a tree. I wondered whether it was hurt to fly that low.

  10. Teresa Says:

    After my husband’s funeral two hawks followed the four cars accompanying me home. They flew along the fence row, one at the first car, one at the last car. Then they would exchange places. They followed for about 10 miles. In the following months, I would see a hawk every time I left my house. Then I stopped seeing them and it bothered me. It has been several months, and they have reappeared. On Valentin’s Day, I saw not just one or two, but about a dozen of them over 40 miles. I was surprised yet feel very peaceful when they do appear.

  11. David Clarke Says:

    i wanted to share this with others.
    Over the last few months I have been blessed with many birds of prey in my yard.
    For a yard in suburban Atlanta I’m very impressed with the birds.
    To me hawks are many things.

    This image was taken through my office window in my home.
    The hawk visits me about three times a week. I hope to post more images soon.

    It’s a png file and rather large.


  12. Connie Says:

    my husband was diagnosed with melenoma a deadly cancer with no treatment. the doctors gave him twelve months to live he was getting sicker by the day tumors growing everywhere i kept seeing a hawk or two every time i left the house and i felt reassurance and a peace come over me almost a inner voice telling me everything would be ok. with about a month to live we came across information about a experimental drug trial in the states it was a miracle but he qualified and his tumors are shrinking and feels great. something powerfull happened i dont even fully understand it but i know the hawk had something to do with it

    • Elaine Says:

      For years I’ve come to realize the Hawk lets me know that God is watching over me. I also get a peace when I see the Hawk. I don’t tell many people about this because they’d think I was nuts, But I’ve had it happen so many times when I needed assurance the most. Yesterday when I brought my elderly Mom out of the hospital a Hawk was circling the door way right over our heads. “I see you, nothing is going to happen today that I don’t know about” I believe this is my sign. I have a friend that see butterflys when she needs assurance.

      • Larry Peterson Says:

        My daughter died 1.5 weeks ago. She suffered a long time with depression. Last weekend my wife and I decided to go visit her brother-in-law in New York, who is a minister, for some counseling. During that trip, on two separate occasions, red-tailed hawks buzzed the windshield of my car. That has never happened to me before. Our daughter was a sweetheart and her death has left us traumatized, to say the least. Also, before we left, there was a red-tailed hawk sitting on our blueberry bush looking at the house, and then he flew away.

    • Yvonne Says:

      I am not sure if you are into it but I don’t have cancer but I stumpled upon a documentry that talks about the gerson diet. I was just moved to tell you. It has an extremely high rate of success with the type of cancer your husband has. I will leave it to you to decide but I would want someone to share this info with me. My boyfriend has had hawks following him everywhere he goes it actually sits on top of the house it follows us. It don’t know what to make of it. We went to a natural healer and she said the hawk had a message for us. He never even mentioned it to her. If anyone knows the answer to this please help me!!

  13. marcia Says:

    I see one to three hawks on my daily walks since I lost my job and my need to recreate myself which is daunting. Could anyone suggest books/articles that would help me understand what this means.

  14. Mark Says:

    When I was a boy (age 16) and during a fierce storm a hawk fell out of the sky and landed right in front of my car while I was driving. I stopped just in time and jumped out of the car to find this amazing creature laying there dazed. I took off my jacket and wrapped it up and held it in my lap as I drove to my house. As it laid there in my lap, I could feel its heart beating and its eyes watching me intensely. When I got home I brought it inside and put it in a large dog cage. I nursed it back to health over a few weeks carefully handling and cleaning him. I could hold him, let him stand on my arm and feed him without any gloves or protection. This hawk was beautiful and when he stretched out his wings he must have been 5 or 6 feet long. When others approached he would get protective and screech at them bobbing his head. I would cover his cage and his head so he wouldn’t be upset. Knowing that I could not keep him, I eventually called a special group of people that rescued birds. They couldn’t believe I caught this animal with my bare hands and even more amazed it allowed me to handle it so easily.
    I allowed them to take it only on the condition they would try to release him back to the wild. They agreed and took the hawk. Over the next months or so, they cared for him and eventually released him. I was there to watch when they did. The Hawk flew from his perch and went straight over my head and landed in a tree next to me. He then called out and flew away from our sight; it was a great feeling of freedom.
    Ever since, I have had hawks around me through my life (over 30 yrs). They fly near me, they fly by my car, they cross over my hood on crowed highways in rush hour traffic, they land in trees over me and they fly in my back yard and land on my fences. I have a family of Hawks that live in the tree line behind my home. Many times I see them in the rain or just after a rain storm. They will land within a few yards of me sometimes and just look around. Hawks continue to present themselves to me and give me this sense of being connected to something greater.

    There must be some significant meaning to have a creature like this appear so much so often, for so long?

    • Mark Says:

      This is Mark again – Today I walked out on my patio and a hawk flew just over my head and dropped a Sparrow at my feet!

      This time He was so close as he flew by I could have touched him.

      Two days prior a hawk landed on my fence just 20 yards from my back door. This is pretty common except this time it was during a tropical storm.

      What could be the meaning of a Hawk dropping a sparrow at my feet be?

      – Mark

      • megan Says:

        A few years back I was accepted into my familys Cherokee Indian tribe. The chief, Joe white owl named me white falcon. I had never really seen a hawk up close until about a year ago. The bird would sit on the light post just above my skylight and stare in at me everyday. Now that i have moved I no longer see that specific hawk, but I do now see them everywhere i go, I would say at least five on a daily basis. It’s as if I cant miss them. I could be completely zones into whatever I’m doing and all of the sudden something will tell me to look up and there one will be. I see them when im driving, when im walking, everywhere. I get the feeling like something bad is about to happen. i used to see them circling and now i see them per hed as if they are waiting.

  15. Pat Says:

    Constant sighting of 3 hawks around my property. Yesterday a baby hawk lit on our fence and sat and watched us a while. At the same time a mother deer and her newborn fawn were playing in the back yard. All of my normal song birds have disappeared from my feeders. Recent death of my Mother. Any connection?

  16. jeanine Says:

    A hawk was on my fire escape today – i live in queens NY. It was eating a pigeon. is there a special meaning for hawks that have caught their prey? is there a mesage for me? thanks!

  17. Priscilla Says:

    This morning as I was leaving my house I stepped off my front porch and was surprised to see a very large hawk sitting on my wrought iron fence. I live in a residential neighborhood and hawks are never sighted. This hawk sat very still and watched me intensely as I walked past it, out the gate and to my car. It showed no fear, did not even flutter. It just continued to watch my every move. This was a very large bird. Soft brown with white shading on its tummy, sharp black eyes and very alert. It appeared healthy and strong. Exquisite. I sat in my car and watched it watching me. I thought it would fly away. It did not. It was so majestic and appeared peaceful and fearless. I finally had to leave and watched in my rearview mirror as I pulled away. It continued to sit on my fence. All day I thought about the hawk. Why was it there? Is this some omen? Some sign I am unable to understand? Why did it not fly away when I walked by it? Is there a spiritual meaning for the appearance of a hawk? When I arrived home in the late afternoon the hawk was gone.

  18. Lupita Says:

    I have noticed hawks following me during several instances of my life. However the few that stand out the most are quite intriguing and make me wonder about the message trying to be relayed. About a year ago a hawk crashed into my house and died on impact. I’ll be honest with you a great sense of fear came over me, and although I knew it meant something, I didn’t know what to make of it. Never the less my family and I experienced several hardships after this occurence…… Hardships that were the outcome of decisions that were made. When we moved into our new home, there were three hawks that I would often spot flying over the yard constantly. I could swear these very same hawks followed. Me arround during other occassions too! About a month ago a hawk made eye contact with me and observed me fearlessly as I walked out to my car one morning. Right before I made it to my car it swooped right over me and called out a cry as it flew away. Just today…..I found an injured hawk under the truck sitting in my driveway. His wing was severly damaged and he couldn’t fly. Although it did attempt to get away, I was able to grab it and keep it safe while I called for help. The hawk although scared did not put up much of a fight surprisingly. Almost as if it trusted me. This time…..I felt a sincere piecefullness overcome me.

  19. Liberty Says:

    I have had something amazing happen today. Walking with my dog and two children, we saw a hawk circling above us and i asked my son to film her with his phone. As we watched her we saw other hawks joining and finally, although they were not all directly overhead, there were seven of them – which I think is completely abnormal?? They hung around for about ten minutes, no diving for prey or anything, just flying in circles.

    It happens to be one of the most difficult periods of my life at the moment. I have so many choices to make concerning my dog and where I live. I have to choose whether I keep her and move house, or find a new home as my landlord will not allow her to stay. Being a housing association tenant and self employed, the house is my security. On top of this I have been asked to marry someone I’ve met in Canada which is the second decision.

    I feel that someone is trying to tell me something, but I’m not sure how to translate the message if you know what I mean?

    One things for sure, and that is I am getting help from somewhere and the hawks feel like confirmation of this..

    Life is magic isn’t it!? 🙂

  20. Christie Says:

    Two years ago a hawk flew down in the meridian, I knew that it was a sign. I later found out that my grandfather was going in the hospital. He died a week later. Meanwhile my mother was having a lot of issues with her health. I took her to the doctor’s one day, and when we came out, there was a hawk sitting perched up on telephone wires proud. I thought that it was my grandfather. Then there was another time that my mom, my son, and I were out for a fun evening, and a hawk flew right above all of us. Then another time my mother went in for a surgeory to heal her leg there was a hawk perched up on a light in the middle of a rainy day. And the most significant sighting thus far is yesterday a hawk visited my mom at her residence and he squawked for quite some time. My mother believes that he was after some prey, like a squirrel or something. I on the other hand believe that it is a messenger from my grandfather (her dad) just checking up on her to see how she is doing. Thank you everyone for all of your input on this site. I actually feel like I am not all alone out here. The spiritual world is strong and it only comes to those who believe. I feel blessed to be chosen.

  21. pamela Says:

    I feel like I had been chosenby my recent experince with two orphaned juvenile hawks. It began with the mournful cries of these two beautifulyoung birds. For several days they were high in a tree along my drive-way which follows a creek and is heavily wooded. I felt so help-less . I wanted to do some-thing but was unable to figure out how. On the third day they were on the ground. I took my camera out to photograph them. I had this amazing eye contact with them that I can’t explain. I gradually moved closer, until I was with-in inches from them. They had no fear of me nor I with them. Isat with them for a long time, but when I began to walk away they began making the same mournful cries. It occured to me that they were hungry. It seemed as fate would have it I had thawed chicken-breast for supper that very after-noon. I cut the chicken into long narrow strips. I hand fed these stunning young birds that evening. And so it began. They knew my truck and would fly along side me as I drove in and out of my lane. On the third week I reaalized there was a third hawk. I am uncertain what that one had eaten in that time, When I found it the bird was near death. I was fortunate to get it into a raptor rescue group. For the next six weeks I fed the other two. They would fly down twice a day for the frozen mice that the rescue group so graciously provided for me. Not wanting them to become pets I slowly began to place the mice on the ground and began standing away from them instead of stting with them. As they starting to fly further distances in-between feedings I drove aroud the area to locate them. Every-time, they would see my truck and they would be waiting for meremarkably when I pulled in the lane. The rescue volunteers released the one that had been so ill ( but had remarkably recovered)here at the same place where it all began. It was so beautiful to see him soar into the sky. They come back occassionally but no longer fly down to me. I am saddened yet at the same time so grateful. They are as God intended them to be, healthy and free. You may think that I have over exagerated but I have not. Is there some kind of meaning to this wonderful experience? I have felt such overwhelming peace inside since this I was blessed with their care. Does any one share this type of a realation-ship?

    • Mark Says:

      Hi Pamela,

      I share this same relationship. I once had a hawk come into my life as a young boy and nurtured it back to health with the help of a rescue group too. Since then they have been in my life nearly every day. See my post on July 11, 2010 on this site.

      What’s even more remarkable is what just happened today. A hawk presented me with a gift.

      – Mark

      • Pamela Says:

        I am interested in what the gift was. Please let me know. It is so exciting to hear from you.

  22. pamela Says:

    I have to express my appreciation of this site. It’s great to share all the experiences some of us have been so fortunate to have with these fantastic and interesting birds.

  23. pamela Says:

    My experience with ny birds seems like a journey of what or where it will lead Iam still not quite sure. I have had many heartaches in the past 4yrs. These noble creatures gave me a renewed meaning of life and an appreciation of Gods creations that we so often take for granted. Though for many weeks now they have not flown down to me they continue to soar above their old feeding ground. I know they see me. I feel like they return to let me know they are well and free. I miss the time I was blessed to share with them. I do realize that God has answered my prayers which were to allow them to be free and safe from harm. I envy their ability to soar in the skies with such ease and grace. How-ever, I long to be with them again if just for a brief moment. I have an empty place with-in me and a feeling of anxiousness that some-how I know will be resolved because of the connection I have with my beautiful young red-tail hawks. I have decided to trace my native-american heritage perhaps I will find my answers there but I will for-ever be thankful for the wonderful summer that I was some-how chosen and trusted with their care. Can you help me to under-stand?? Any-one??

  24. pamela Says:

    I feel like my experince has been a journey. It’s as tough something or some-one is drawing me closer to a major turning point in my life. Some how I get a feeling that perhaps my time here as I have known it will soon come to an end. Iam alright with that if is in fact my time. I don’t intend to sound morbid I only wish to do the right things to make it become a successful and meaningful journey. I am not sure but at times I faintly hear a whisper , calling me. Does that sound crazy? Maybe it is nothing to do with an end but a begining of a new life in ways that I will take time to understand. Regardless I feel comfort through these birds.

  25. Sharon Says:

    On my way to work this morning, to my right I noticed three hawks soaring together. The two on the outside of the formation were black, the one in the middle was white. I felt at peace.

    Last weekend, my husband went to an estate auction of a Naive Amerian. I do not who which tribe he belonged to. My husband purchased paintings of Indian chiefs, children, a dream catcher, blankets. I prayed a thank you to this man I do not know and expressed my gratitude for what we reeived. Does anyone have any insight to the meanings of the hawks?

  26. Linda Says:

    Yesterday I was coming out of a store an as I walked up to my van there was a hawk eating a pigeon on the roof of my van. There are no words to describe what I felt iv never seen one before well on the television but not this close . I began to take pics on my phone getting closer and closer until I was rite in front of it I wasn’t afraid and neither was the hawk it would just look at me and continue eating it was amazing I’ll remember it for the rest of my life needless to say I ended up cleaning up his mess but I didn’t mind after all the hawk let me be part of his world for a little while . Well that was my experience with my hawk friend.

  27. emma Says:

    Hi the other day as i was driving a hawk come from the right i thought i was going to hit it but it turned and it lead me then fly off straight up, a few days later i lost my brother but he had been sick and we where hoping that he would survive was this a message or what was it telling me

  28. Linda Says:

    Yesterday a hawk flew right into my family room window, and died a few moments later. I must admit, i dont like these creatures that feed on the sweet songbirds that delight us all year long. We had one that visited daily and killed the little chipmunks that i loved so dearly.

  29. Debbi Says:

    I am constantly seeing chicken hawks everywhere I go. I have one fly over my house and I always see one flying over my car on the highway to work in the morning and at night sometimes I see one flying over the car when I am going home from work on the highway. I was just wondering what this symbolizes.

  30. PAULA HAWK Says:

    I have always seen Hawks every where I go, I was told once that they are the spirits/souls of our ancestors or our loved ones that have returned as Hawks for our protection. In ancient Egypt the Hawk represents the protector of Horus.

  31. andre Says:

    Hello fellow Hawk people, I have felt the connection with Hawks since I was a young boy.. they visited my home often. I was able to take a photo of one that visits me at my apartment the other day.

  32. Lisa Says:

    Hello, i am a great believer in the connection we all have with nature, and other life on mother earth. I believe that their are other more intuned animals than ourself who may see that we may need guidance. The hawk is a very spiritual and not only wants to take and make sure the earth is flourishing but all other life as well, and that is a good thought that maybe it could be looked at as a guardian angel.

  33. debra Says:

    The most interesting thing happened this morning. I live in a high rise apartment in Chicago. I was sitting looking out my window and in the background on my balcony, I heard the screeching of a bird and I looked around it it was a black hawk perched on the railing on my balcony. Never in my life had I seen a hawk in person. I went to get my husband and the hawk as we looked out the window few away a perched itself on a street lamp. It then flew back to our balcony and started screeching again like it was talking to us. It was a very interesting experience…I felt like the black hawk was talking to us! It was so deliberate as the hawk only went to our balcony…spoke to us and then flew away…

  34. conny Says:

    When Michael Jackson died, I was very, very sad for some reason, although I wasn’t an active fan of his. I grew up in his neighborhood, and as a young woman worked as a singer. I stopped singing because of an emotional crisis and severe intolerance from my family. I was meditating when he died, and grieving the loss. When I came out of meditation, there was a huge white hawk sitting on my balcony fence, maybe 10 feet from me, just staring at me. I was blown away to see such a huge bird right in front of me. I didn’t know what to do. He didn’t move for such a very long time, and we looked at each other for what seemed to be several minutes. I had never seen a white hawk, only several red tail hawks who live nearby. I finally started to move, thinking I might be able to reach my little camera and take a picture. Sadly, he flew off. My niece then saw him perched in a tree on our property, and was excited to see such a large bird. I felt sure it was telling me to sing again. Yet I haven’t been able to start. At this very moment there is a bird caught in my house and I can’t seem to help her find the way out. Somehow I came upon this website, trying to help her find a way out. She just had 4 babies next to our window, and I sure wish I could help her out. I also was wondering about the hawk being so white, because I could only find grey hawks in the bird books, yet someone else posted about a white hawk.

  35. Nicole Says:

    I live in Westbrook in Australia. Every year for the past 4 years around this time of year. a hawk comes and roosts above our front door. Although he makes a bit of a mess at our entry with his droppings, I love seeing him there. I teach guitar some nights and we use amplifiers and mics – pretty loud and when my students leave he is always there – its almost like he likes the music. A few people have said there is probably some special meaning to him choosing our house to keep coming back like he does. The other day a bird had been hit by a car near our house and I was so worried it was “him” (im not sure if its a boy or girl) but was delighted to find him above our door that night. I’ve grown very fond of having him around now and really hope that he returns again next year. Does anyone know if there is any special meaning for this.

  36. Leneir Jordan Says:

    Greetings facebook family, I have a dilema maybe you can help tell me what it means. So I was in the park today and I encountered two hawks squaking, to my surprise one was holding a small baby bird that he flew away with. There was one other person present and he said that the hawk was going to eat the baby bird. any thoughts? All comments are welcomed. thanks

  37. Alice Says:

    Today I was out for a run, and a hawk soured over me 3 times, once actually swooping down onto my head with its belly. The things is my mom just passed away 2 1/2 weeks ago. I talk to her everyday. Could this be her connecting with me. I also have lots of other personal issues going on.

  38. Julia Davis Says:

    I’ve seen four hawks in two months the latest being today. My profile pic is one of the first three hawks I saw on the same morning last month. I was telling a friend about the huge bird my son and I saw about an hour ago in a huge tree in our backyard. He asked me to look up “the meaning of seeing a hawk.” He told me “my mind would be blown,” when I read it. He was right. I have a black iron sculpture of a hawk on my diningroom wall. I took a picture of it after I hung it and added it to my FB pics. I accept and know that I am necessary in this universe.

  39. isis solar Says:

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    Symbolic Meaning of the Hawk « The Budz…

  40. Dave Durham Says:

    …very interesting and clarifying; thanks to all for the research and fact. My spark greets your spark…

  41. Jospeh Cullop Says:

    Well done! Thank you. We enjoyed reading your post and whole blog. Keep on running it.

  42. Virginia Anthony Says:

    I have to share this with you! My husband who was a Native American, recently passed away on June 18, 2011. Since his funeral witch was the day before our wedding anniversary, I have been seeing hawks and even a couple of eagles circling our home. The first time I saw them was the day before or wedding anniversary, the day after his funeral. I just came in from outside and there were two hawks circling my home again. I came in to do a little research and found this site.
    My husband knew most all of these native signs and I know some, I am very interested in learning more, but I to feel very at peace when they come around!!

  43. Hawk Says:

    Shemsu Hor

    According to the ancient tablets, known as The History of Thoth: The Atlantean, the Shemsu Hor (or Disciples of Horus), were a race of enlighteners who dwelt on ten pre-diluvian islands. One of their magi was the god Thoth, known by the Greeks as Hermes, and by the Romans as Mercury

    The term shemsu derives, most probably, from the Akkadian shamash meaning “serpent.” The word is very like the Irish Shamus or Seamus, or English James. We believe the term Hor (for Horus the falcon or hawk-headed god of the sun) represented the Ari or Aryans. The letter “H” was often used in the same way as “The” or as “Le” in French. Therefore, Har or Harri was “The Ari.” The eagle or hawk was the symbol of the sun and of the enlightened ones of old. As a symbol, it primarily and originally signified spiritual status. (The name Harris or Harrison, from har, meant “hawk” or “Son of the Hawk”).

    Petra dates from a relatively late period but was probably built upon a more ancient site. Nearby are sophisticated irrigation systems and a strange serpent mound identical to those found in France and Britain. There can be little doubt that the Horites were descended from the ancient Shemsu Hor, the Disciples of Horus.
    The word root Har signified the hawk, and the god Horus. The term is still employed today. A good example is the Air Force jet known as the “Harrier.” The first version of the war plane was even known as the “Hawker

    The first pharaoh of the first dynasty of Egypt, and founder of the great city of Memphis, King Menes is buried in Northern Ireland. Also known as Aha Men, and as Hor Aha (“Fighting Hawk”), king Menes was most likely a prestigious member of Egypt’s first civilization, the remnants of which were discovered by Professor Walter Emery, and founded by the Disciples of Horus the sun god. In one ancient text, from his empty “tomb” discovered by Sir Flinders Petrie at Abydos in 1900, Menes is referred to as “King Manash…of the Sun Hawk Race

    Tea Tephi, an Egyptian queen, lies near Tara, a location some believe to be named after her. The name Tara is believed to derive from Temair or Temor meaning “mound of Tea.” However, it probably derives from T-Ari, after Ari or Eri, the supreme goddess of the Druids

    So what you seem to be saying, as far as I can tell, is that these “Followers of Horus,” the secret priests of the secret society of Shemsu Hor which, according to Egyptian records, existed before time was recorded, are the real string-pullers even today. They have constructed all the competing hermetic and kabbalistic occult doctrines and have been the real “Unknown Superiors” alluded by the Elus Cohen, the Strict Observance, the Golden and Rosy Cross, and Theosophy. And further, that it is these Shemsu Hor who are behind the pervasiveness of sun symbolism?…

    Lotus born Atum-Ptah had given me this instruction in early 1996, just before the instigation of the Time Gate in April-Jan. Which has recently been confirmed now in the Bible Code, where the end of days is designated and coded for that year (96). Which I mentioned to an audience of 300 people in Wiesbaden, (before that book was published) was the Quickening: the mystery, or open-ended loop in the book of revelation that was open to all three “sides”. The black brotherhood and white brotherhoods, who play the game; and the Mid-Way path, beyond such absurd duality dynamics, of cubic geometrical alphabetic page rule writting, in the ink of belief and the illusion of karma.

    Furthermore, the Time Wave novelty graph has been confirmed now in nuclear mathematics. And within the Time Gate, 40 billion new galaxies were discovered, no less.

    The last brim of the Time Gate to 2010, was in January 1997, I have just recently obtained a graph which registers the unusual galactic energy emanations which were then exactly on that day bombarding the Earth, which is how the Somanet of the Christ Grail Brothers and sisters experienced it then, the next day being followed by the time machine UFOs appearing and wiping out the power supply of our area, only then followed by the military triangles, these I filmed.

    Thus in January 1996, Ptah instructed me in Luxor about the deactivation of the Amen-Ra crystal computers under Thebes, which still held many soul hologrammes captured, by the red mercury, Heku magick etc. At the Sinai Star Gate, their Vortexijah Star Ship balls became visible.

    Lotus born Atum-Ptah had given me this instruction in early 1996, just before the instigation of the Time Gate in April-Jan. Which has recently been confirmed now in the Bible Code, where the end of days is designated and coded for that year (96). Which I mentioned to an audience of 300 people in Wiesbaden, (before that book was published) was the Quickening: the mystery, or open-ended loop in the book of revelation that was open to all three “sides”. The black brotherhood and white brotherhoods, who play the game; and the Mid-Way path, beyond such absurd duality dynamics, of cubic geometrical alphabetic page rule writting, in the ink of belief and the illusion of karma.

    Furthermore, the Time Wave novelty graph has been confirmed now in nuclear mathematics. And within the Time Gate, 40 billion new galaxies were discovered, no less.

    The last brim of the Time Gate to 2010, was in January 1997, I have just recently obtained a graph which registers the unusual galactic energy emanations which were then exactly on that day bombarding the Earth, which is how the Somanet of the Christ Grail Brothers and sisters experienced it then, the next day being followed by the time machine UFOs appearing and wiping out the power supply of our area, only then followed by the military triangles, these I filmed.

    Thus in January 1996, Ptah instructed me in Luxor about the deactivation of the Amen-Ra crystal computers under Thebes, which still held many soul hologrammes captured, by the red mercury, Heku magick etc. At the Sinai Star Gate, their Vortexijah Star Ship balls became visible.

    These are beyond Merkaba, but are intergeometrical and InterUniversal Chakra Vajra’s. Not alligned to the black or white brotherhood of the universal game, but to the Mid Way path of the One Body of Christ of All-Oneness, and thus the DarmaKaja Boddhisatva ineffable Unity of Unity’s. Not being coded in the light and dark computers of the Elohim and Nephilim, which is based on cubic pyramid grids of light, which computerise into 144 octave dimensions, and on, in cubeoctahedral, pyramidal interplays. And which thus are pure cancerous separation hierarchy’s, as cubeocta is a cancerous doughnut (as it cannot Phi cascade, or fractal, to any other platonic solid, of equal distribution of power, but only to itself in separated crystallized power [flatten a Buckminster Fuller Vector Flexor, square face to square face, and the triangles pass through the square – a recursive doughnut]. And the pyramid is carbon: 6 electrons, 6 protons, 6 neutrons, the 666/999 game as one and the same [caught by the cubeoctahedral crystal hierarchy], just the head and tail of one snake, the head is light: 9, the tail is dark: 6 etc etc ET-C.

    At this point in 1996, the visible Vortexijah’s stayed in the Sinai desert for many hours, resetting the superconducting beam resonating grids in the atmospheres, and visibly sweeping up the soul stickers that were around there. And they alligned the gate to the Time Gate, above the Acacia trees and Soma bushes of the desert.

    The Ark of the Convenent was made of Acacia, the blood of Christ was Acacia, and Acacia contains the Pineal third eye neurotransmitter DMT and 5meoDMT, as well as mono atomic superconducting elements. It was also amoungst the presents given to the Christ Child from the “three kings of Orion,” as the English song goes. The Soma bush was the body of Christ in the Eucharist Agape Gnostic feast, the inner Christ teaching. Acacia was also the burning bush of Moses, but Christ anchored the Soma Christos superconducting body to the Sacrement of the Eucharist, the Body (Soma) and blood (Acacia, Granite Apple)].

    Whereas Moses used largely Manna, the mushroom which were encoded in the Holy of Holy’s within the Arks to receive the holographic computer, Cubeoctahedral Arkives or fallen Akacia Akasha, which lead to a condition of the Bicameral Brain (see Julian Jaynes and reapply the prior) for thousands of years, as this fruit of the god Sin (Sinai) was partaken of: Sinadonia, Cydonia. This we have demonstrated with overwhelming evidence, utilising not only the Torah, and the Zohar, by biohistory, geology, etnobiology, and clear pictographic and photographic evidence of the Mysterium Tremendum of our ancestors.

    We have demonstrated that this genetic programming tool of the Manna (which was the bread that the True Alchemist Christ, came to replace with the Green Lion Soma Lapis Philisophicum, Lapis Excellis Stellis) conclusively linked to the Cult of Ser-Apis – Osiris in Egyptian is Asr, or SR, and the Apis White Bull of Annu, whose dung Ezekiel is told by god to make the bread from

  44. Stephanie Says:

    Today I went to work, not feeling well at all. I went to lunch, and when I got back to the office, called my husband at home. We taked about my AMD(age-related macular degeneration), which really has me in a tizzy… I don’t want to lose my sight. He told me there was a hawk sitting on the stump in our back yard (the stump was left from a tree I cut down several weeks ago), and he said the hawk had been there for a couple of hours.
    Since I didn’t feel well, I decided to go home. I left work at 1:00 pm and stopped to get some medicine. By the time I got home, it was 2:00 pm. I walked in the door, my husband said “hi” and said, “the hawk is still there”. I went to the back sliding door leading out to the deck and watched the hawk for a few minutes. It stayed around for about 5 minutes more and then flew away. My husband and I both believe hawks are like angels. There is a thick feeling in my heart – what message was it bringing? Was it for my husband or me? Or both? As it seeminly didn’t leave until after I got home and saw it… We have both been under a lot of stress at our workplaces, and this weekend we are celebrating our 5 yr anniversary. Signed, What Do You Think?

  45. Sharon Says:

    On the 3rd of October, the staff of the nursing home in rural Alabama where my father resided contact me – my father had taken a turn for the worse and he was no longer interested in food. I flew down to be with him the next morning. For a variety of reasons, I had become the person in my family who accepted responsibility for my father’s care. I became his proxy and power of attorney, got him out of a bad situation and into a safe environment. I visited and called him regularly.

    I contacted my 4 siblings and our mother to let them know that he might not be with us much longer. On Thursday, 3 of the 4 made their way down. That afternoon, I was leaving my aunt’s house to check into the hotel where I would be staying with my sisters.

    As I went to the car to put my bag in the trunk, an enormous red-tailed hawk lighted on the only dead branch of a 60 foot pine tree that overhangs my aunt’s driveway. He must have been about 30 feet from me. He looked straight at me and began to screech. I knew immediately that he had come for me and that he brought some sort of message. I had goose flesh as he continued to screech. I turned to him and smiling, yelled, “Hello Brother Hawk!!” He continued to screech. I stared at him. He screeched. I waved my arms at him. He screeched. He screeched full voice, non-stop for a about ten minutes. Finally, I yelled for my aunt to come out. The moment her hand touched the screen door, the hawk flew high up into another tree at the edge of her yard.

    I told my aunt what had happened. Her eyes lit up and she said, “Oh yes. There is a lot of local Indian lore about hawks being messengers. He came for you.”

    I got in the car and drove off, feeling a heightened sense of awareness. I didn’t feel spooked. Just… alert. I was paying closer attention.

    Later my aunt said that the hawk flew away when I drove out of her yard and that she had never had a hawk on her property before.

    My father died the next day shortly before midnight. I had left him every night to go and get some sleep, but somehow, I knew to stay with him that night. My father was resting peacefully and as the evening wore on, my back began to hurt. I pulled an old easy chair into his room, reclined a bit and propped my feet up on another chair. I closed my eyes and began to pray for my dad. I lifted him up to God in my prayer. Just then, in my mind’s eye, I had an image of soaring in brilliant blue skies with gorgeous cloud caps, and a sensation of cold, clean, pure air all around. me. I looked over, and my father was gone!

    I gasped in wonder and said, “Dad! …He’s gone!” I felt a total sense of awe and peace. I stayed with my Dad for about ten minutes before calling the nurses. I kissed him and told him that I loved him. He was on his way.

    I’m not sure of the entire meaning of the hawk’s visit, but since my father’s death, I have felt as though all of the dead weight in my life is coming off. I am shedding everything that is unnecessary to my moving forward. It’s as though I’ve had on blinders, and they’ve been ripped away. I feel a kind of confidence in life that I’ve not always felt, and I am very curious about what the next chapter will reveal.

    • Jacinta Says:

      Your story made me cry…What a deeply beautiful experience.

      • Pamela/Pam Says:

        Hey Tosh, I enjoyed your comments. May you continue to be blessed. Have a wonderful day. We all enjoy reading every comment and sharing our feelings.

      • Sharon Says:

        Thank you, Jacinta. This past year, around the one year anniversary of my Dad’s death, I was sitting in a friend’s lakeside home, telling another friend about the experience I had with the hawk when my Dad died. My friend’s property down to the water is overhung with a canopy of tall trees with branches that extend across the property and block out most of the sky. It’s about 50 yards down to the water’s edge. Right as I was telling her about my Dad and the hawk, a hawk swooped in from the water’s edge right under the tree canopy and up the hill toward us!! I have never seen a large bird fly under a tree canopy like that, much less a big hawk… If my first experience didn’t make me a believer, this one was sure to seal the deal. So uncanny. I love reading these posts and the supportive atmosphere of the people who visit this site – like you! Thanks to Pamela for creating this forum. God Bless all!

  46. memes Says:


    […]Symbolic Meaning of the Hawk « The Budz[…]…

  47. delena Says:

    11/24/11 thanksgiving day mom and i were in the kitchen getting out the pumpkin pies mom looked out the window 8 ft on our fence a red tailed hawk sat staring,looking one way than the other but staring at us for about 4 min. i took pics through window,it was the second thanksgving without my father.

  48. Silvio Says:

    Funny, I’m thinking if I tell people about seeing hawks and I think the hawks are trying to tell me something, then you know they would think I was crazy. And bam, here is a place full of people having a very similar experience.

    I wonder how many people are having this experience, only a small percentage have found this site. Do some mathematical gyrations and maybe you come up with something like 1,2 or 3 percent of the greater population? That is potentially a lot of people.

    So first time I realized the hawk thing, I was on vacation in Northern California driving down to an estuary. Along the winding drive down, we pulled into a turn-out because a hawk was riding a thermal 10-15 feet from the side of the road on the drop off side. I was taking a picture of the hawk, when I felt like it was waiting for me, looking at me, saying go ahead take your picture.

    Upon returning home I started noticing hawks. Some of it I passed off to the fact that I’m in my car a lot for work. But then it was like no, the places and times just seem to odd to be chance.

    But still I don’t really know what the message is: sometimes I guess could it be a warning, or indicating there is a change of path I need to take. Or something else, but I’m too dumb or thick to get it.

    However its nice to know I’m not the only one.

  49. pam Says:

    I stll see my hawks. They fly over my house makng allot of noise, untl I acknowledge their presence then they fly away. Do you think that they are warning me of something or here to comfort me when I am down and feelng alone? I wish I could go back to the days when I was able to feed them and look into their soulful and beautiful eyes.

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  53. Says:

    Recently I have this Hawk that comes and sits on my balcony railings at my apartment. I’m compelled to feed it but all I have that I think would be good is a chicken patty…lol. I’ve been able to get it to not fly off when I open the door and I get closer each time. The claws are amazing and I’m a bit afraid of it. Any suggestions on having it as a pet? I would love to pet it and when the neighbors are being loud…introduce them to my little friend! (Kidding!…sort of).

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  55. Sharon Says:

    JK Bishop – Very cool that he is sitting there for you! Love that.

    Caution! If I were you, I would try to make contact with a falconry club somewhere, anywhere, and ask them a lot of questions before you get too close to this raptor. He/she is a super serious predators, with a very powerful beak and claws.

    Also, if you’re going to feed him, you should get him some raw beef over chicken because poultry from the store has a ton of bad bacteria in it.

    Good luck with him! That’s so very cool…

  56. Pamela Says:

    I continue to see my hawks. I know these are my hawks because they fly above and land in the same trees they did when I fed them. They give me a feeling of comfort when I am down. It seems they know when I need to see them. Their beauty still takes my breath away. Occasionally they come to me and land. I still feed them a few times in the winter months. This past summer my cats brought me a tiny baby squirell. I bottle fed him and was careful not to handle him so he could be released and remain wild. The day I decided to set Scooter free was a difficult day. I watched him climb high into the trees and scamper from limb to limb only to see my favorite Hawk Zeus sweep in and carry him off. I guess Zeus figured I was giving him lunch. Everybody laughs at this story. I felt pretty bad. The next day Zeus and Gemini were waiting in the same tree. I had to remind myself that the act was simply the law of nature. My birds still look into my eyes with such depth. I get lost in their beauty and am thankful for this blessing I was given.

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  58. Pamela Says:

    top power washer, Thanks. I appreciate a reply. It is great to hear from you and pleasant to correspond with people that understand the bond that I have with these majestic and mystical creatures. I wish I could share my photos of these birds with you. My friend actually entered a couple of them in a photo contest and I won. I look at them often and relive the experience in my mind. It is hard to put into words. I have two 8×10 photos hanging on my wall of them. I can only say that for me, it was one of the most meaningful and beautiful experiences of my life. Perhaps to some I appear foolish and have made more out of it than what I should. To that I say, “Unless you have had the honor that I was blessed to recieve then you don’t have any idea what you are talking about.” Thank-you for your reply and hope to hear from you again.

  59. Carol Says:

    It’s amazing how many others have special relationships with this majestic creatures. I live in Iowa, where you see hawks all the time. Every time I see one, I see God/the Universe, and it calms me. Recently, I’ve been unemployed, getting closer to 50, and other transitions in my future. I seem to be seeing hawks from a closer distance. I am always in awe…God’s gift. It makes me believe that I will one day soar!

    • Pamela Says:

      What a lovely comment, I feel the same way. A comfort and a peace comes over me when I see these wonderous birds soaring in the sky. I have had allot of health problems, I think they come to calm me and help me cope. Every time I see them, it takes my breath away. Good luck to you. I just turned 61. I had a kidney transplant 4yrs ago. Life is precious and my experience was a gift that I will always treasure.

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  65. Cat Says:

    For the past two weeks I have been seeing hawks. One actually flew in front of my car. I had the feeling they were angels. Going through the worst time of my life right now and faith and positive thoughts are a challenge. Today I was driving past a church and a huge hawk was sitting on the cross! About an hour later I saw a huge hawk on a speed limit sign. So close and almost eye level with me. Now…. this HAS to mean something. Any ideas?

  66. Pam Says:

    Cat, I think it has a meaning. It is unusual for most people to understand unless they have experienced it . I can not tell you how my encounters with my birds have changed me. I think they have given me strength to deal with issues in my life. Sometimes when I have not seen them for awhile, I pray and ask to see them. I need to see them. Within a short time they appear. I am comforted and feel at peace. My FB photo is a picture of one of my hawks. I get my photo albums out often and I can still feel the connection that I shared with these magical creatures. Their beauty and their piercing eyes are breathtaking and mesmerizing. I have known them to be like guardian angels watching over me. There have been times when they have come and I instantly knew that they were warning me. Usually a circumstance that would otherwise be difficult for me, Somehow I manage to calmly handle the situation. My young neice passed away and I saw my hawks several days before then after. I beleive that it is an honor and a blessing to be chosen by these incredible birds that soar in the sky. Good luck to you and keep the faith. Enjoy the experience of a life time and remember that you are special to have been chosen. God Bless.

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  68. chazitup13 Says:

    This morning my wife awoke upon hearing a noise outside our dinning room sliding doors. She called for me to go with her to investigate. We went to the dinning room and then into the kitchen, openned the blinds, and behold, there, against the sliding glass door leading into the dinning room, was a Hawk, making a fuss. I told my wife it was Sparrow Hawk, without even thinking however, I really do not know anything about hawks. I am wondering why, how, I knew for sure it was a sparrow hawk? My wife and I returned to bed because the hawk went away when I openned the sliding glass blinds to get a better view of the hawk and to take a photo. So, we returned to our bed. Shortly thereafter we heard a louder noise at the sliding glass doors of our bedroom sliding doors. Once again the hawk was bumping against the doors, very loudly. I looked and the hawk was perched upon a small table and appeared to looking right at me…just as it had done before. When I tried to take a photo it move and went away. Again I told my wife it was a Sparrow Hawk, so she went to our computer near the living room and searched for Sparrow Hawks. We were both amazed when we found a site about hawks and there was a photo of the same hawk at our door. My wife then said she heard the hawk again. outside te window where the desk was that had our computer. We openned the curtains and there was the Sparrow Hawk, looking at us…like it knew us..and was waiting for us to see it. It just stayed there for two minutes then left. Circles our house and then it was gone. Since then I have been trying to understand the meaning..message…and what it means for my life. My grandmother was part Cherokee Indian and I have always been drawn to the Native American way of life. Respect for all life…one with nature…take only what you need…and the earth is our home, do not destroy it…but love and respect it. Now, I am left wondering what this all means? I am scheduled for neck fusion surgery next week due to an auto accident, which cost me my job and now on SS….and it was not my fault. Have been hurting for over one year since the accident.
    My question is what message am I to recieve from this Sparrow Hawk visit? Last night one of my prayers, before sleep, was to the Great Spirit to give me strength to take care of my wife….and…this moring….a Sparrow Hawk…came knocking on my doors. We are all connect in this world….please…try to understand that there is more to this life than we can see with our eyes.

    • Pam Says:

      I thnk it was sent to you for a reason. Patiently wait and eventually you will undrstand its meaning better. Count yourself as being chosen. In the man time njoy the comfort and the beauty this bird will provide. God Bless.

  69. Jane Says:

    I’ve been worried about my son and his struggles during his first year of college. In my heart, I feel that what he is experiencing are the normal anxieties many freshmen go through. I think he might be a perfectionist and seems to think that his whole life needs to be mapped out from this moment forward. He wasn’t happy with his chosen major and is questioning his ability to chose something he’ll be happy with the rest of his life. He has always been extra conscientious and seems to be falling into a slight depression. My husband and I have tried to take the pressure off by explaining that it doesn’t always happen that way, his life may lead him in many unexpected directions, and part of college is being open to new possibilities. I think things will probably turn out fine but, as his mom, I can’t help but worry.

    This past weekend, after a quick visit home, I drove my son back to campus. On the 2 1/2 hour trip back I started noticing hawks along the Thruway. Some perched in trees, some just in the grass of the median spaced out a few miles each. I counted 15 hawks in total.

    Any thoughts or comments?

    • Pam Says:

      Jane, I will pray for your son. I also have a son that is depressed and has had allot of turmoil in his life, I understand.As for the hawks. I believe it is mating season which might explain the mass numbers. However I believe that you were chosen to see them. I know of no one who has seen that many at one time. How magnificent to have seen that. They knew that you needed them. It is funny how our instinct kicks in when we do witness the hawks presence. Some folks see them but feel no connection or give it a second thought, but certain people know that there is a meaning behind our experience. It is just a feeling that draws us to these beautiful majestic creatures that soar in the skies. Last Saturday mine returned in full force. I was in the house wth the TV on talking to my sister in Flordia. They were so loud that I jumped up and ran to the door. My boyfriend was coming up to the porch saying your birds are here and they are really squalling. I looked up and they were flying in circles being extremely vocal. They come back from time to time and do make calling cries but this day was much more intense.My sister could hear them on the phone. I stood below them and spoke to them as I always do when they fly in. They would swoop down and then back up calling and calling. It was a familar sound. That is what drew me to them almost 2 years ago. It was funny because just two days before I told my boyfriend that I needed to see my birds. I had said how wonderful it would be if they nested here and if somehow I would be blessed again to care for their young half grown babies as I had cared for them. I miss the days that I hand fed them. I had prayed to see them and told God that I needed to see them. I have been sick, was upset over the anniversary of my young neices death, had troubles and concerns over my son, and was feeling blue. There they were, so beautiful as they soared above me. They were here for about 6 minutes. My sister kept saying “I can’t believe this” I told her these are my birds and they come to me and give me their message. I do not always understand what the message is but I do know that I feel the power behind it.The birds you saw had a message for you as well. In time you will understand. Just know that you were chosen for a reason and allow yourself the honor and appreciate the gift. Maybe having this site and people who share your experience is part of it. I am sure those of us here will pray for your family. God Bless you and yours Jane.

  70. Pam Says:

    I guess my posts are repetitive in some ways. My emotions take over when I start to type. I have tried to explain my feelings to some people who think that I have lost my mind. Unless you have personally felt this unexpainable connection I guess it falls on deaf ears. My birds have allowed me to communicate somehow with nature and a higher power. I feel the strength of their wings and for me it is almost a healing of sort. A peace of mind. A calming and feeling of hope. To say that they soar through the skies is what I see and I feel. They soar with such grace in an effortless motion. They glide and sweep through the clouds. It has a drawing force that that lures me to them. I know they come for me, I feel it and it makes my heart pound with excitement. I still remember their hypnotic eyes and the direct contact that we shared. I wish we could post our photos of them. Mine will take your breath away. Some people think that I was foolish to hand fed them and that I put myself in harms way. For me it was natural and I fed them with out fear or hesitation.Not once did I wish to confine them. When the one became ill I had no choice and was grateful to Raptor Rescue for their assistance. I just felt they deserved to be free to fly and be what God had intended them to be. I said from the very first day that I felt like I had been chosen. When the one that was rescued was released here I felt so proud to know that I had helped these birds and that all three would be able to fly into the freedom of the skies. I used to question why they chose me and sometimes wonder what I ever did do deserve this experience. I have developed a closer relationship with God through these birds. They have changed my life. May each of you here be comforted by their presence and understand that there are many things that we are not meant to make sense of or find an explaination for. Just give thanks to God for each day that we have. One day when it it my time to leave this world I am confident that my birds will soar with me through the skies and lead me on my journey into the arms of my heavenly Father. They are my passage into a realm of the unknown and I have no fear of it and welcome the endless possibilties that it holds for me. To some this may sound a bit odd or even crazy but to me it is my journey and my chance to redeem myself for the many mistakes and regrets that I have held inside for many years. God Bless each of you and just allow yourself to enjoy your moments with these magnificent birds. Give in to the emotions and let your imagination take you to new levels of inspiration. When you do and when you humble yourself into submission you will finally understand why you were chosen. Logic plays no part in it, it is an acceptance of who you are and the meaning and the purpose of life.

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  74. chris bullard Says:

    I have made a lot of bad decisions in life…I pray to God everyday to be forgiven of my sins….As of Nov 2011 a orange black stripe black tail hawk has blessed me with his presence. In mybackyard only feet away from me everyday..this is a majestic creature …It watches me and does not scare easily…I have gotten 2ft away and taken an amazing picture…I come home from work everyday and he is always there watching protecting me from evils I do not know…this is a very powerful experience that humbles me every day…I am trying to change my life put my faith in the lord and be a better man…I belive this hawk is a messanger and protector for me in my life…I have no friends…I lost my. family…I haven’t known myself for years….I lost myself along time ago when I decided. that God dosent love me or care about me…I was very wrong…God always loves you. and stands beside you everyday…You are his creation and he will always just have to. listen to your heart and let him in….apologize for your sins and proclaim in. your heart. truly his is your lord and savior…and BELIVE in the power of Christ…his only. son was.

    • chris bullard Says:

      Punished for mans sins to be reborn by the glory of God…to share to the world there is hope in life and the gates of heaven are more magnificent than u can dream of….Glory be to God…amen….the hawk is a messenger of hope power and perspective…if you see the small things in life the bigger decisions make more sense…love Jesus and the lord everyday and praise them to the heavens for they are the almighty and if your faith is undeniable they will show you the road you have walked so long to get to….may that road find u peace in your soul and life…and bring you joy for years to come…Thank u lord for sending me a sign…Amen

    • Pam Says:

      Chris, I think we all have dark periods in our lives. What is important is that you realized that there is a God and that he does love you and forgives you. My experience with my hawks was very spiritual for me. They still fly over and call to me. It seems that it always has a special meaning for me. I may not understand at the very moment that they appear but their presence has always givem me a message. My health has not been the best and when I have a spell of feeling unusually ill, they come to me. They have come when I have lost relatives and friends or when someone I care about is in trouble of some sort. It is difficult for most people to understand. I have allot of nonbelievers that have since changed their minds after they have witnessed my hawks calling for me. A friend of mine was here one day when two of them landed a few feet from me. I sat down in the grass and spoke softly to them. Their hypnotic eyes still envelope me with a sense of security each time they come. Enjoy their visits and appreciate all of your surroundings and allow yourself to become the person inside that you want to be. Accept the past but let it go and think about what lies ahead. God Bless you. Good luck, you must be special or the Hawk would not have chosen you.

  75. Megan Says:

    I just sat down to eat when i spotted one Right Outside My Window! It was amazing! Sadly my father didn’t seem to be as happy as I was and made a joke out of it. I also think he wouldnt have noticed it unless i pointed it out to him.

  76. shelley Says:

    I have been spotting Hawks, all kinds, as far back as I can remember. I feel a special connection to all the raptors. I live in New England and thought I had seen all the different kinds in this area. I was so surprised to see a large white bird of prey on a highway light. As I got closer I couldn’t believe it was a Hawk. I goggled White Hawk, it says they live in the tropics. Wow, just spectacular, took my breath away! Anyone heard of them this far north?

    • pam Says:

      Now that is a true honor. It is hard to say exactly what itmeans just yet, but as the days that follow pass by perhaps you will begin to understand. That is exceptional, be thankful that you were chosen. God be with you. Treasure every moment and count your blessings. I would think that would be a good sign of some sort for you.

  77. Shelley Says:

    My husband was dying of pancreatic cancer. The hawks became noticible in my life months before he passed. One day he was riding the quad in front of me and a hawk flew above his head and went upwards. I also saw bald eagles. One day on the way back from the hospital driving our truck he said, “look! as he pointed up in the tree. There sat two eagles in the tree. I dropped him off at home as he would sleep from the needles he just got for pain. I drove by the spot that we had noticed two eagles to find only one there. I felt like that was a message to me that he would be gone soon. He died several months later. Riding my quad to his bear bait, there sat a hawk in the tree. When we arrived at his bear bait, a hawk was circling above. My granddaughter and I went in and when we were leaving the hawk was squawking something fierce. About a year later, I had a man friend stop by our house. When he drove away, I looked up and saw a hawk flying high above as though it were watching. I immediately thought of my husband and wondered what this meant. It has been a year and a half since he passed and the hawk still visits me on occasion. I was driving home from being away at an educational course he knew I wanted to take…..I was feeling sad and lonely. As I drove along I was crying and asked through my tears to please show me a sign and tell me if I am doing the right thing. Just then a hawk came flying toward the vehicle and flew upwards. I stopped crying in awe. How do I interpret all this?

    • Sharon Says:

      Shelley – First of all, I’m very, very sorry for your loss. Your story reminds me a little of mine in that the hawk that visited me just before my Dad died seemed very insistent on getting my attention. In the months since it transpired, my life has changed dramatically and the symbolism of “getting a higher, broader perspective” has definitely proved meaningful for me. I have come to see many things that I could not fully see before – the interconnectedness of everything – people, events, nature – that this life is only the beginning – that we are in a “school” of sorts here on earth – and that we must do all we can to love each other and help one another to become ever more aware of the great Love that exists for us all.

      I hope you are gaining a sense of peace about the passing of your husband and that you will find deep abiding joy as you move into this next period of your life. God bless!

      • Pam Says:

        That was a lovely comment. I am sure your words helped allot. It seems in some odd way we all are connected thsnks to the beautiful birds that have blessed us with their presence.

  78. Jen Says:

    I was in a cemetery taking pictures of a beautiful deer that was as mesmerized with my friend and myself as we were with here and I got this picture: Nothing flew by me at all, but this is clearly a hawk. Can you tell me what it means, It’s a spirit of a hawk, a sign. I’m dumbfounded by what I caught. Thank you for your reply

    Here is the link
    not sure if this picture will show up here:

  79. Tara Schmitt Says:

    On Sunday, May 13th (last month), I visited my father who was admitted to Hospice care following years of Dementia / Alzheimer’s but also a recent broken hip. He was awake but not “there” – breathing like a fish out of water, didn’t see me but looked “through” me, couldn’t talk, couldn’t swallow, etc. I was distraught. He’d broken his hip exactly one week earlier, and I couldn’t believe how much he’d declined in a week. This hospice unit was at Jamaica Hospital in Queens, New York – not a place really known to have any hawk population.

    There is a patient family visting lounge where I went to grab some orange juice and step away for a little break so that I can go back to be with my father. As I entered the lounge, 2 nurses in there pointed out to me the hawk sitting literally outside the window, right on a bar up against the window of the hospital. It was gorgeous – like 1.5 feet tall, those focused, intent eyes, etc. One of the nurses commented that in Native American folklore, they say sometimes hawks come to take the soul from one world to the next. I never go for this hokey stuff, and told myself I’d believe it if someone in hospice passsed that night.

    My father died just hours later at 3:30 am on Monday, May 14th.

    • Sharon Says:

      Wow, Tara, that’s amazing. So sorry for your loss.Wishing you peace and consolation in the days and months ahead.

    • Pamela Says:

      I can never underestimate the values of these sightings. It is like a realm into a space of time where you have this mystical connection to these beautiful birds. They seem to give a feeling of hope and peace , serenity, and comfort. A feeling that makes you aware that it is special, unusual, and as though you were chosen. It is hard to explain to those who have not shared this experience, but in your heart you understand and accept this as a gift. Loosing a parent is so difficult regardless of the circumstances. My deepest condolences for you and your family. I beleive the hawk was there to help ypour father pass over, and to give you an inner peace. I have a feeling that you will continue to see them and hope that you feel the connection as a positive sign and allow yourself to enjoy their sightings. God Bless.

      • Darla Says:

        We helped a baby hawk get out of a corner of a privacy fence in our yard. The baby hawk’s Mom feeds it as we have watched her. The baby hawk comes real close to me and it has left me with feelings of awe. I am at a lose as the baby seems thirsty for water & we don’t know how or what to do. We live in Texas & under a terrible heat wave. Anyone with advise…please let us know. Thanks, Darla

      • Pam Best Says:

        Set out fresh water in buckets for all of the animals that need it. This young hawks mama and daddy will eventually fly away and leave this baby alone to fend for itsself. I fed three of them two years ago until they were strong enough to fend for themselves. You don’t have to get real close but offer them sliced raw chicken, they love it. And if they look fragial call a local raptor rescue. They also like thawed out frozen mice. I know it sounds awful but you can get them from pet stores. He might need your help. Place the food near the water pails and see if it will accept it. If it is really hungry you will know that it has not perfected its proper hunting skills. I think the hawk has chosen you, and that is an honor. Mine still come back and land within a few feet from me. There were babies this year. One disappeared but the other has been hanging around for several weeks. He does drink the water and has taken the chicken strips occassionally, but he won’t come as close as the others did. I feel so much at peace when they come. Enjoy this experience and embrace the connection.

  80. megan Says:

    A few years back I was accepted into my familys Cherokee Indian tribe. The chief, Joe white owl named me white falcon. I had never really seen a hawk up close until about a year ago. The bird would sit on the light post just above my skylight and stare in at me everyday. Now that i have moved I no longer see that specific hawk, but I do now see them everywhere i go, I would say at least five on a daily basis. It’s as if I cant miss them. I could be completely zones into whatever I’m doing and all of the sudden something will tell me to look up and there one will be. I see them when im driving, when im walking, everywhere. I get the feeling like something bad is about to happen. i used to see them circling and now i see them per hed as if they are waiting

  81. Darla Says:

    I am so glad I got your reply. We have been watching the baby hawks…there are two. The Mother and her 2 young ones stay around here & we have got to watch them learn their flying skills. I think it must be the one we helped out of the corner that watches over us ALOT. The Mom sores over and looks down at us so beautifully. It still gives me goose bumps!! We did put some water on the roof, along with some chicken, as I had read in one of your other replies. We are enjoying the experience, as with you, I feel it to be a spiritual connection….goose bumps. I have read that when you hear a curtain song or an experience with the hawk’s and get goose bumps, it comes from your soul, you feel it deeply. Once again, I am really happy to hear back from you. By the way, my sister’s name is Pamela (Pam). I hope all is well with you and yours. God bless. Thanks, Darla

  82. Darla Says:

    It is an honor like you said Pam and I feel so blessed to have had such a connection with the one we helped. I have got so close to it, physically…within a foot. It was truly awesome. I don’t use that word much but it fits the occassion!! I do have great respect for the hawk’s and will not over step the bounderies. Have a blessed day and thanks for sharing your wisdom! I really enjoyed reading all your posts.

    • Pamela Says:

      Thank-you, Have I got a cute story for you. My hawks never cease to amaze me. One had babies this year. There were two, but something happened to one of them sadly. The juvenile hangs around here allot. The other night we pulled in the lane and it was perched on an old pump that is in our yard. The hawk allowed me to get very close but kept a eye on the pine tree from which he had flown. He suddenly flew back to the tree. I saw another set of wings flapping on the opposite side of the tree, assuming it was the other juvenile that I thought was dead. When I reached the tree both birds flew out. All at once a cardinal took off out of the center of the branches. To my surprise, one of the birds was a young owl. The hawk and the owl were barely ten yards apart in different trees. Making strange noises back and forth to each other. I just sat on the ground and enjoyed the show.Since then I have watched every evening at dusk they are both there. They do not fly away. They watch me but remain still on the branches. I purchased some frozen mice that I thaw out each day. I hang them by their tails with clothes pins to the branches of a tree right off of my screened porch. They both come down and snatch them. It is so funny to watch. I keep water in several pails out back for all of the local critters due to the lack of water in our creek due to the drought we have had. I have watched them perch on the sides of the pails and drink. It is almost like they are connected somehow as both were left on their own by their parents in the same area. the last time I lost close contact with the birds I fed was in the middle of September, so I do not know how much longer I will have this priviledge. I have certainly enjoyed this gift and have to wonder why I have been so blessed to deserve these experiences. What ever the reason, I will cherish these memories . My older birds still fly over and land in the trees where I found them two years ago. They land on there old feeding grounds. It is so wonderful to see them from time to time.They never appear when the baby is around . I think they are watching over the little guy but allowing him the to become what he is meant to be…Free.

      • Darla Says:

        That is a wonderful story/experience. As soon as I read owl, I sucked all the air from the room ! I would love to see an Owl…wol ! Our Hawks must have went out on an adventure with their Mom as they were gone for 2 days. But their back. I am hoping and praying like you & your Hawk’s, these will come back around time to time. We can’t tell by looking which one was the one stuck in the corner, but I like to think it’s the one that comes the closest…..gotta be huh?! What state do you live in? And by the way, I do know these are not “our Hawk’s”, they belong to everyone! For everyone who may be reading this…..Have a blessed day and I hope all is well will you & yours. Take care and be kind to one another, as Ellen says!

      • Pam Says:

        I am from Ohio. I still call my hawks mine, and you can do the same with yours, afterall they chose us, right? I think you are right to believe that it is the one that you helped.I just know it in my gut when I see mine. Sometimes people laugh at me when a hawk flies over and I say, “That’s not one of mine, but what gorgeous creatures they are.” I have several owls around here they call to each other starting at dusk. My little guy keeps checking the tree branches almost every day. My hawk is doing well on his own for the most part but still comes about twice a week. The mice and chicken strips I hang out do not go to waste. I sit on my screen porch and attempt to call to them with my pathetic impressions of them and they answer back. It cracks me up. There have been several nests of owls in the woods surrounding our home and along our long lane that follows the creek. There are three different kinds of owls that hang out here. I am so fortunate to be so close to nature and the bounties it supplies. We are far off the road and we don’t have allot of company. It is quiet and safe for so many animals which provides me with many hours of enjoyment. My hawks still fly overhead and call out. This makes me smile. They say that the hawk and the owl return to nest where they came from originally so I think you will see yours often. Isn’t it a fantastic experience? God Bless, Hope to hear from you again.

  83. Liz Gray Says:

    Yesterday I stumbled upon something very disturbing affecting one of my family members. I have been in such turmoil!! Today, as I stepped out, a solid black hawk was circling above my house, almost directly above me for over 5 minutes. Black hawks are NOT native to my area in NC. I had never seen a jet black hawk (it was definitely not a crow! It’s wingspan was very long!) I put my stuff down, I wanted to take a picture of him, and then he left as I was enabling my phone’s camera. The whole time I was watching him, I felt a kind of foreboding feeling. I am not a superstitious person, but I have a very strong sense of intuition that is almost always right. The most unusual thing is I had 2 dreams in a row of a very black bird 2 nights before. I believe in God but I also believe we are given “messages” or perhaps visions the more intuitive we are. Curious on your thoughts and troubled because of news I have very recently uncovered.

    • Pam Says:

      First, I would like for you to know that I will pray for you. It sounds like this is a difficult time for you. I have never heard of a solid black hawk. I will definitely research this . I have learned from some of my exxperiences that whenever I get that feeling you dicribed as foreboding that I am fighting some type of battle within myself. It happens when I am ill or when I have recieved bad news. Often I have allowed it to get the best of me. I have strange dreams when I get depressed or worried. Perhaps you need to take a deep breath and calmly access the information. I believe that the hawk often comes to you as a messenger. Hopefully the warning was to you personally . To help you not only get through these hard times and to take care of yourself so that you have a better ability to deal with your problems. Try not to dwell on fear, believe in yourself and know that you are stronger than you realize and that whatever you are faced with that you will get through it . My dreams are sometimes a result of what is running through my mind. I tend to not be able to clear it in my head and have difficulty sleeping and functioning normal. I am my worst enemy at times. First you must get all of the facts and then you must accept what you can not change.. To be chosen as you have been is a gift. My birds came to me at a time when I needed help to focus on something other than myself and my problems at the time. You were chosen for a reason. That makes you special and few people get that honor. Please take care of yourself. God Bless.

  84. Patricia Tucker Says:

    Last weekend I was visiting The Well of Mercy in Harmony, NC ~ a place where one can go for time spent in nature and prayer. On Sunday morning I took a walk and on my return to the guest house I saw a young hawk on the round by a utility pole struggling..flapping its wings. His right eye looked so large and frightened. I took a picture of it and left to find somone who may be able to help. I found one of the guests leaving and asked him to drive to the gate entrance and look for the hawk. He said he could take it to a place north of Chrlotte for help. He came back about 10 min. later and said there wasn’t a hawk where I described. I couldn’t understand. He left, but then returned again to where I was on the porch of the guest house. He got out of his truck, and held in his arms a towel with something in it. He had found the hawk. He said he was curious so stopped again at the gate and looked under the brush, which was some distance from the pole, and there was the hawk…dead! He tenderly opened the towel and I cried when I saw this beautiful bird, which was alive only minutes before. Why did I come upon this struggling bird? What is the message? Since reading “Sacred Feathers” years ago, I have had a renewed interest in the feathers I have found in my path from time to time. I pick them up and have them around my home. This experience has left me unsetttled and pondering its meaning.

    • Pamela Says:

      Patricia, maybe this wonderful creature came to you in its time of need. Maybe he needed to feel the compassion in your heart for him.that would be quite an honor. Though like yourself it saddens me to think of this bird no longer alive, somehow it gives me comfort in knowing that those of us chosen can give something back to them. I think you will continue to see these birds because you are now connected to them. You helped him to go to the other side, you eased his fear and pain. You must have something special in your future coming your way. I don’t know why I feel this for you, but as soon as I read your post I felt this strong need to reply to you. Do not let this make you feel unsettled instead feel the strength and the power to accomplish your goals. God Bless you.

      • Tosh Tucker Says:

        Please forgive me for not replying to your womderful response to me nine months ago. Thank you so much for taking time to give me your thoughts. It meant a great deal to me and stil does. Blessings on you.

      • Pamela/Pam Says:

        Welcome Mary. I wish I could see your photos. I too have some gorgeous ones of my birds. You have been chosen by this bird. Enjoy and allow yourself to experience the beauty and serenity these sightings will bring. Looks like there are more juveniles who have been whaling constantly for their mothers. Time to teach them to fend for themselves. One in particular has been here daily and continues to sound so mournful. I have been trying to coax it in but so far no luck. What I would give to share another relationship with one of these amazing creatures. Time will tell although I do not expect to have the honor as I believe what I had 3 years ago was a once in a life time experience. God Bless Mary.

  85. Molly Tunstall Says:

    anytime i have seen a hawk i have known that whatever situation i was going into was going into was going to turn out for the good it has been this way for as many years as i can remember

    • Pam Says:

      For me. my encounters always bring me peace of mind. I feel they come to reassure me that everything will be alright. I find great comfort in their presence. It seems they come when I need them the most and when I am troubled. A few weeks ago I was traveling and had been bombarded with several issues that kept me stressed out and physically ill. I closed my eyes and asked God to please let me see a red tail hawk. Within a few minutes one flew over directly ahead of us on the highway. It was like a burden was lifted from my shoulders. As we drew closer to home I felt this strong need to see one of my hawks that I had hand fed. I closed eyes once again and asked to see one of my birds. I felt selfish for asking again but I just needed to see one of own..I sighed and actually thought to myself that I should be content and basically tried to force myself to believe that it could not happen. To my great amazement, as we pulled into our lane, in the very tree where they had flown down to feed so many times 2 yrs ago. There on the top branch was my beautiful bird. We stopped and I got out of the truck. He looked at me with those intense and hypnotic eyes and I felt an overwhelming appreciation for this gift. I actually began to cry. Not because I was sad, quite the opposite. I was once again chosen by this beautiful creature, and I was and still am humbled by it’s presence. How fortunate I am to have them in my life, and to have been chosen. I ask myself what I have ever done to deserve this gift, but I have yet been able to understand why. I just know that I must live what is left of my life in a way that is honorable and if I do these birds will remain a part of it.

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  87. Pam Says:

    This is a lovely and comforting site. When posting here my connection to my birds guides me. I feel everyone here to be a part of my journey with these glorious creatures. It gives me great pleasure to exchange my thoughts with people that understand the deep emotions , the almost surreal experiences that we share. I think it is natural as humans to overlook our surroundings without any real thought to become a part of it. These birds open a realm of possibilities that would otherwise go unnoticed. An appreciation of beauty and wonder that has always been within our reach but until now we never attempted to understand. An appreciation of nature, life, and God. Sometimes I have posted as Pam rather than Pamela but I think those who visit here soon realize that I am one in the same. If it has confused anyone, I apologize. I always feel a rush when I check my emails and I find one from this site. It is like a feeling of belonging. I know in my heart that those of us you post here are going through some difficult or unusual times in our lives. These sightings have drawn us together for a reason, just as our hawks come to us for a reason. There is a fascination, an intrigue, an escape into a place of where we can surrender to the simple beauty that God has given us. Thank you to all who come here, thank you to theses beautiful creatures that soar in the skies, and thank you to our heavenly Father . May we all continue to experience this gift and may we all seek the bounties within our grasp. God Bless you all.

  88. kyliemaree Says:

    Wow.. thts just beautiful…!

  89. Allie Says:

    I am a verbal abuse victim. Early this morning, as I was packing up my car to leave (escape) I heard a screek. I looked up and there were 2 hawks looking down at me sitting at the top of a palm tree.
    They stayed there until I finished loading the car .What a beautiful site. I hope it was good karma for me 🙂

    • Pam Says:

      Allie, I too was a victim of both verbal and physical abuse for 16 years. I understand and wish to reach out to you. These beautiful birds sought you out for a reason. I believe you were chosen just as all of us have been. Please allow this to give you peace and the courage to let go of the past and look into the future with a calming and positive outlook. I have often said that my bruises and bones healed but the words continued to haunt my memory. It took a long time for me to realize that my anger, bitterness, fear, and pain stood in the way of my happiness. Letting it go was such a relief for me. I think these hawks were there to help and reassure you that you are strong and will be able to do what ever necessary to have the peace and happiness that you deserve. I could not tell if you are still in this relationship or not. It may be a sign to end this relationship or perhaps a sign that things will improve. The hawks came to give you comfort and hope. I will keep you in my prayers and I want you to know that I believe in you and feel that you will make the the correct decision. Know that you are not alone and that you will succeed. It may not be easy and you may face difficult times, but never give up. The hawks led you here and take comfort in knowing that we all support you. Though we have not met I feel that you are a beautiful woman and that you are deserve a productive and satisfying life. Enjoy the beauty that you have been unable to appreciate before. It’s the little things that we often take for granted that can give us the satisfaction we all seek in life. God Bless you and keep you safe. The hawks will return when you least expect it, a watchful eye to re-enforce your self confidence and guide you . Believe! I wish you well and hope to hear back from you.

      • Allie Says:

        Peace To you Pam:
        I am settled and in my own apt. I am at peace .I am struggling financially but am safe. Thank you for your advise & encouragment. I am still looking up for the hawks.
        I wake up each day and go to sleep each day with a smile and thanksgiving in my heart. I DO BELIEVE 🙂

      • Pam Says:

        Allie, I know that I have posted a few other comments directed to you You made my so happy, in fact you made my day. You are special and you are deserving of a good life. Thank you and please keep in touch.

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    • Pam Says:

      Allie, I am so glad to hear that you are safe. That puts my mind at ease. You seem to be a strong and lovely woman and I believe in you. Keep posting and let me know how you are doing. I feel better after hearing from you. I was concerned and now relieved. You were chosen for a reason…..big hugs to you.

    • Pam Says:

      ugg, Welcome, So glad to hear that you will be back All of the bloggers here share their wonderful sightings and insight. Happy New Year, may you and yours be safe and blessed.

  91. Pam Says:

    Allie, I forgot to congratulate you. I know making the decision to end that relationship was not easy, but you did it. I am proud of you. May this new year bring you much happiness and comfort. I will continue to keep you in my prayers and in my heart. You made me smile today when I read your post. Know that I am here if you need me. I hope to continue to hear from you. God Bless you and keep you safe.

    • Allie Says:

      Hello Pam:
      Thank You. Peace be with you.
      I am finally at peace. Yesterday I was going out and a beautiful owl flew over my head. I could actually feel the wind from it’s wings. It was such a beautiful site to see 🙂
      Hope you are having a wonderful day

      • Pam or Pamela Says:

        Allie, you just made my day. I am so happy for you. I had a great day too. My birds were here today. Then when I was traveling on an hour and a half long trip I had a red tail fly in front of our truck. May you continue to be happy and content . I loved your post. Peace be with you as well.

  92. Ed Says:

    This is extremely pleasing to read, this a, amazing phenomenon has been happening to me since I was a little boy. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone

    • Pamela or Pam Says:

      Ed, How blessed you are to have been chosen at such a young age. It is wonderful to hear from you. Please fill me in on your journey with these wonderful and facinating birds. I understand how you feel and am pleased to welcome you to our family.

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  94. Pamela Says:

    This is wonderful site. I am so glad you have joined our family. I was so thrilled to have found it myself. It has given me so much pleasure and I have found no other site as unique and rewarding as this. I hope you continue to check out the stories and comments. I find your name interesting maybe you could explain it further. I look forward to hear back from you. Until then God Bless and may you experience the honor and the peace these glorious birds bring.

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    • Pamela/Pam Says:

      Thank you for your very sweet comments. I first came across this site soon after my birds came to me. I have enjoyed having a connection with so many interesting people who have shared in an experience similar to mine. I was so happy today as I stood in my lane and saw my birds soaring in the sky. It had been a few weeks since I had last heard them calling. It lifts my spirits to know that they are well and free. They perched in the very tree they did nearly 3 years ago. It was lovely here in Ohio today, sunny with a gorgeous blue sky, and white puffy clouds. Some of my flowers have begun to bloom and the air was crisp and as I drew in each breath it was clean and fresh. I needed to see my birds. I wish I could find the exact wording to express the calmness and serenity they bring to me. A feeling of hope and strength, yet an excitement that still takes my breath away. I had my photo albums of them out this morning and silently wished for them to come to me. My photos are so beautiful even though my camera is not an expensive one these pictures are quite good. I would guess it is nesting time for them right now. Last year they nested above the house on a wooded hill. People laugh at me and question that they would be the same birds. I know without a doubt that they are. They can be seen in all the familiar places we shared in the past. I wish I could have that experience of feeding them once again. I did give them some frozen mice in the winter. (I thaw them out in warm water first). They only came in about three times to feed. They actually flew in much closer to the house this year to eat. They look good and strong. I miss seeing them every day though but I am pleased that they are doing well on their own. My male is not as large as the females. I have read that they will nest in the same area each year which seems to be true. It has been an honor to share this time with these magical and glorious creatures. I am still trying to figure out why I was chosen but I am so thankful that I was. I have experienced a beautiful spiritual connection to them, to nature, and to God. An appreciation of so many things I had taken for granted in my youth. It is amazing and is something I had not known before. Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. I wish you and yours a blessed day. May you know in your heart that you are among friends here and that you will be in my prayers. Thank you again, I look forward to hearing from you.

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    • Pamela ? Pam Says:

      I am sorry to say that I am not the right person to give you any info on this subject. I have only been using a computer for three years and am still not that good at it. I am lost when it comes to anything other than the basics. Sorry, I wish I could be of more help. I am happy to be able to welcome you here to this site. Hope to hear from you again. I fear I often tend to repeat myself which I am sure to some is annoying. I am drawn back here from time to time it seems. It is comforting to be among people that share the same connection to the Red Tail Hawks that I so. Surely someone here will be able to help you, again sorry I could not have been of more help. Have a blessed day.

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    • Pamela ? Pam Says:

      Hello to you as well. I am glad to have you here on this site. It is lovely, isn’t it? How nice to know that new people come aboard. I am thrilled today to announce that I have found a new Red Tail nest not far from my home. Once the leaves sprout from the branches it will be safely hidden. I went for a long walk today. I was coming back and actually saw a Red Tail fly onto the branches of a tall tree just inside a fence row about a stone throw away from my lane. I could not get to close because it was not on our property. I will speak to our neighbor tomorrow and ask for permission. It is farm country here. The field had been plowed this past weekend, exposing the dark fresh ground. We have had some rain yesterday but today was beautiful. Slightly warm with brisk breeze. I was thrilled with the thought that this might possibly be one of my females. I watched this gorgeous bird for several minutes before I noticed the nest. I felt like I did when I was a child waking up on Christmas morning to open my presents. Being thankful that no one passed by to witness a grown woman jumping up and down in excitement. I have to admit that I was in fact speaking to this bird and calling out to her. A pickup truck drove by and I resisted the temptation to wave him down to share my discovery. It occurred to me that the fewer people that knew about this treasure the better off the nest would be. I remained on the side of the road for about a half an hour and she intently watched me just as I was watching her. Not wanting to disturb her I reluctantly walked away wishing I had remembered to bring my camera. Tomorrow is another day, hopefully the weather will cooperate with my plans to return. I love this time of year. The air is fresh, the lush green grass, the leaves budding from the once barren branches. The beauty of nature abound. All of God’s creatures preparing to give birth. It is like a new beginning, a fresh start, a celebration of life. I am blessed once again to experience yet another Red Tail connection. I call them my spiritual messengers, they have awakened me to an appreciation of all that surrounds me, an awareness of the beauty that exists within my grasp , I have but only to allow myself to enjoy. A chance to celebrate this journey called life and the realization that only God could have created this master piece that seems to be an amazement, that often takes my breath away. Followed by a sense of serenity and hope. Still I wonder why I was chosen by these magnificent creatures that soar in the sky, but ever thankful that I was. May all who come here have a glorious day, and know that you are among friends. Hope to hear from you soon.

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  100. Allie Says:

    Please tell me WHAT this has to do with Hawks, Owls, Karma??

    • Pamels/Pam Says:

      Allie, looks like someone found a way to advertise on here rather than participate with those of us who have had an experience with these wonderful and magnificent birds. Hope you are doing well Allie. The young juvenile’s are mournfully crying out for their parents and are now on their own. They have been landing close to the house. How I wish for another opportunity to bond with them as I did three years ago with my birds.. What an experience , one that changed my life. They have a large population here and it gives me great comfort. Have a Blessed day. Look forward to seeing more posts on here.

  101. Mary Strong-Spaid Says:

    Hello! There was a beautiful hawk on my back porch yesterday. It had no fear. I just posted the photos on my blog. Then I started searching to see if I could find the symbolic meaning of a visit from a hawk….which brought me immediately to your website. Thank you so much for the valuable information! 🙂

  102. Pamela/Pam Says:

    I have been enjoying going back and reading all of the posts on here. When I started on this site my typing skills were very poor. Not that they are excellent now, but thankfully they have improved. My apologies for all of the misspelled words and mistakes. I never typed until three years ago. In fact I never owned a computer. Then I had my experience with my hawks soon after I had received my first laptop.I had this overwhelming feeling that I was in fact chosen and a desire to see if anyone else had the same deep seeded feelings that I was experiencing. Curiosity brought me here with all of you. What a blessing. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one day we might actually meet in person? to each and everyone of you I wish you all much happiness and comfort. May we all continue to have the sightings. It has been a slow spring for me this year. I usually have several baby animals to take care of. Only one so far, a baby opossum that sadly did not make it. It was difficult to deal with but at least he was warm and had someone to hold him and make his passage to the other side easier. I hope that is true, I believe it to be so, perhaps it is a figment of my imagination that convinces me of this. A way to ease my own mind. It has rained here in Ohio more this spring than I ever remember. We have only had three or four hot temperature days and here it is July. Mother nature at her finest. The corn has already fully tasseled and the soy beans are knee high. ( at least for me but I have to confess that I am barely 5ft tall) Babies everywhere from skunks, rabbits, deer, groundhogs Various birds, raccoons, squirrels,chipmunks, and snakes though I must confess are not one of my favorite species. The lush greenery abound and the creek by my lane full and flowing. Unlike this time last year when we suffered from drought. I worked on my screened in porch and I must admit the cooler temperatures have made it quite lovely. I am one of those people that enjoys a good thunder storm. I love the sound of the rain on our steel roof. My little porch is my escape. I keep a flash light with me at night and enjoy the sounds of our night time creatures, I place various fruits and veggies out in the woods. I hear the deer settle in for the night. The skunks have forced me inside several times. Usually the same mama and her three babies. That’s okay, at least I have not been sprayed. This year the crows are far more plentiful than usual and seem to come closer to the house. I am in awe when I see all of these beautiful animals. The young hawks still mournfully calling. The owls hooting to each other. It is really a luxury to be and feel a part of it. My friends from town come to visit and don’t share my attraction to the sounds of the night or the darkness the night provides. Seeing the moonlight shining through the branches of the tall trees casting shadows as the fireflies sparkle and flicker in the wooded sanctuary they know as home.. I love it and have a hard time understanding why anyone else is frightened by it. I think this new appreciation I have come to know can be attributed to my hawks and the blessings they have given me. God’s Blessings to all. Keep posting your comments and stories. They are beautiful and give us all pleasure and comfort.Here’s to our hawks who have somehow lead us here as a family. Again, God’s Blessings to all.

  103. Pamela/Pam Says:

    I feel I must apologize to many here. I am no different than all of you who come here. I think some have the impression that I am responsible for this lovely blogging site. I wish I could take the credit but I can not. I simply enjoy reading everyone’s stories and have an overwhelming feeling that we are connected together for a reason. The reason being these beautiful mesmerizing creatures who have chosen each and everyone of us. My life has changed since my first encounter with my birds. It is difficult to explain and even more difficult to express it in words to those who have never shared this connection. Perhaps it is due to my direct contact with my birds. I was blessed to not only see them but touch them and spend many hours a day with them. It has left a huge impact on my life, my faith and my overall being. They came at a time that I desperately needed something to focus on rather than myself and problems within my family. I knew instantly that these wonderful creatures with such piercing eyes had chosen me. I immediately felt an inner peace, an appreciation for the beauty surrounding me. A calmness spread throughout my body, my mind, and my heart. I needed them as much as they needed me. I have been honored to be a part of this group. I am wondering if I have perhaps taken advantage of the opportunity this site provides for everyone by posting more often than most who come here. Somehow when I return to this site I am able to allow my inner thoughts to flow freely. I am uninhibited , I feel like I belong among all of you.. My conversations with those who are in my circle of family and friends are much different from the person that I am here. I actually think they believe that my connection with these lovely birds to be somewhat strange. When they visit and witness the birds calling to me they usually shake their heads and judging by the expressions on their faces, I am quite sure they think dementia is knocking on my door. I seldom express my emotions concerning my experience as it falls on deaf ears. Here I know that we can exchange our stories with one another without allowing so called logic to interfere with what we know in our hearts to be real. I have no logical explaination for it but at the same time I can not deny the connection. I am so thankful for this site and for all who come here. When I see a new post in my emails I eagerly click in. With all of the troubles and hate in the world today it is refreshing to read the heartfelt kindness and generosity that all of you have shown to everyone here. We may not agree on politics or religion. We may be of different races, but it does not matter. It gives me hope and peace to know this. To be able to come together like this is but another special blessing these glorious birds have given us. I find it amazing and beautiful. I am sitting here once again on my little screened in porch taking in the fresh air much welcomed from the steady but gentle rain softly tapping on the steel roof . I know that I am a very fortunate woman. Two owls are calling to each other, one close by in a pine tree to the other somewhere across the creek as the water dances over the rocks and fallen trees that lie on the very bottom of the creeks bed. The sounds of the night echo in the rain. The moon hidden tonight, no stars in the sky, but yet so peaceful. I hear foot steps in the woods that surround me , softly moving through the pathways that in time the deer have worn down. Complete darkness other than the candles that flicker from a slight breeze and the light from the screen of my laptop. Life is good for the moment. All seems well. God is good. Blessings to all.

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    • Pamela/Pam Says:

      bvlgari watches, Welcome and by all means please return. Your friends will be welcomed as well.This has been a blessing for me. I have enjoyed the closeness and the overwhelming emotions that we exchange with one another here.I have been feeling somewhat anxious as I have not heard nor have I seen my birds. I have dreamed of them and awake with an uneasy feeling. I am trying to convince myself that all is well. The juveniles whose cries that tugged at my heart have suddenly stopped. I pray this is a sign that they have adjusted and are able to successfully fend for themselves.The silence has been unsettling, I need to hear them call out as they glide through the sky above my home. There is a difference between the mournful cries of the juveniles and that of the confident adults. I have not heard or seen a hawk in over a week which is very odd for this area. We had constant rain for weeks which has turned into sudden extremely hot temperatures. I have wondered if the young hawks were able to survive. I speak to them as I gaze into the now empty sky and express my concern. The owls have stopped just as suddenly as the hawks. My evenings on my porch without the normal sounds of the night has become almost eerie . I think getting an email of a new posting is a sign that I will soon hear my hawks and learn of the young juveniles destiny. They seem to always return to the very trees where they have been sighted. I am hoping this will once again prove to be the case I have been having some health problems . In the past when this has occurred I would be blessed with a sighting. Today was my birthday & on this day a dear friend lost her battle with cancer. I would be relieved and humbled by th presence of my hawks.God willing and myself deserving they will come. I must learn to be patient and have faith that they will return. I must trust that this silence will be broken. I had asked for a sign earlier today. Perhaps this notification from you is my sign. I must believe in my heart that within this period of silence there is a lesson for me. At this moment it is unknown but in the days to come everything will fall into back into place and allow me the serenity I seek. and the knowledge needed to comprehend the message. I have been longing for the time when I was a child. I have been missing my parents and have been quite nostalgic these past few weeks. My mind flooded with memories of a more peaceful time, and saddened by the loss of it. I am realizing as I sit here typing on my laptop that I need to push myself back into reality. I am missing out on the present by dwelling on the past. Rather than allowing myself the happiness of the memories I am withdrawing from the world around me. This is a wake up call for me to make each moment count. Thank you. Whether you realize it or not, your posting here was exactly what I needed after all. I believe I will be honored with a sighting very soon. Though I will miss my friend I know that she is safe and no longer in pain. I know she is in a better place,. I am happy for her . I see now that I was being selfish asking God to allow her to live when it was not in her best interest and only in mine. As far as my health goes I have just turned it over to my Heavenly Father. I relax in his goodness and surrender only to him. My birds will come, I feel it and I will embrace it. I will cherish each moment, accept the hard times as a lesson, as a stepping stone to lead me on my journey. God’s Blessings to all. I will fall onto my pillow and into a peaceful slumber .My hawks will come to me soon, perhaps in my dreams tonight to signal when they will return to the sky above me. This awakening for me tonight has occurred because these amazing and beautiful hawks brought me here to this very site. My spirits have been down and I had allowed myself to be drawn into a negative state of mind. Lesson learned. I will work diligently to be worthy of their guidance and accept this as a gift from a higher power. good night to all. May your days and nights be blessed and may we continue to share with one another our thoughts and sightings.

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    • Pamela/Pam Says:

      Nor sure if this post is implying something concerning my posts or if someone has invaded our site needlessly. Either way, it does not belong here.

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    Howdy! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my good old room mate!
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    • Pamela/Pam Says:

      Thank you. I would love for your room mate to find the peace of mind this site has given me. My birds have returned and I feel as though a heavy burden has been lifted. Though parts of my life have not yet been resolved to where I wish they would be, I feel hopeful and determined. I will wait out the storm and not give in to any negative emotions. I am able to accept what ever cards I am dealt and willing to do my best to use my abilities to make the necessary changes needed . My heart though still burdened will not allow my spirit to be broken. Life has many ups and downs and does not always meet our expectations. Perhaps knowing that I can better myself and learn from my mistakes has opened my eyes. My birds give me hope and make me appreciate what I have . I have to trust in my Heavenly Father to guide me and to give me the strength and wisdom needed to exist in this often harsh world we face today. I am comforted by the response of so many here and the value of the bond we all share. May you all know that you are never alone and that you have been chosen for a reason. We have been directed here for a purpose. If unclear in the beginning in time we understand the meaning. Tomorrow I hope to see my birds , I heard them from a distance earlier. Tomorrow will be a good day. God Bless all of you.

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    • Pamela?Pam Says:

      Hello Brandon. Thank you for replying. Welcome to our group. I had the honor of seeing my birds today. My breath is still taken away as they soar in the skies above my house. Actually today was once again a reminder of the laws of nature. Cruel as it may seem it is the way God intended. One of my birds proudly flew low overhead today with a young squirrel dangling from his talons . He circled several times before he flew out of sight with his trophy. I have to admit that when this happens I do feel badly for their catch of the day but I have to remind myself that it is survival for these magnificent creatures. Like it or not , it is something I have no choice but to accept. I raised them to be wild and to remain free. The fact that they return and honor me with their sightings is a gift I will cherish all of my remaining years. I am thankful to have had this gift and still experience the pounding of my heart when I hear them calling . My birds took me on an adventure today. The leaves are falling at a rapid pace. I love the sound of the leaves crunching beneath my feet as I walk along the wooded paths. I startled a huge buck as I rounded the hill. The air crisp with a soft muskie fragrance lured me further than I had planned. I rested on a fallen tree from the recent storm and took in the beauty and the serenity of this place quite hidden from most though from this spot I can see for several miles. Our land is in a valley with many hills and wooded areas. The trees are striking in the vivid colors of fall. I reached for a wooly worm who was inching his way on the branch of the fallen tree. He rolled up in a tiny furry ball.I gently placed him back from where I had so rudely removed him. The more fortunate squirrels who avoided my hawk were scurrying up and down the tall trees. They have made their winter nests and I suppose they are gathering the much needed acorns to last them through the winter that soon will follow. I am one of those people who are saddened by this time of year. I love fall and all of it’s beauty but seeing the trees loosing their leaves somehow makes me long for spring. The grey skies of winter, and the trees standing tall and bare remind me of yet another year that has passed. My children grown and my grand children nearly grown heightens my awareness of how quickly time passes I have been recalling my own childhood memories and the loss of so many important people in my life. It seems odd but their passings have all been in the winter months which I believe is part of the reason I have these forlorn emotions this time of year. I allowed myself to take in a deep breath and just observe the beauty of my surroundings. How anyone could question the existence of our Heavenly Father really astounds me. Every direction I turn is an example of the blessings he has given us. A male and female cardinal were perched on the tall pine at the edge of an embankment . Their communication was like a lovely song . I closed my eyes and the image was as clear as if I my eyes were opened wide. It has truly been a wonderful day. A peaceful and rewarding day. A day to celebrate. Again in the distance I heard my birds. I felt they had guided me here today to this moment in time to refresh my appreciation of life and to give me this feeling of calmness I so needed. I love walking in these woods and having my secret place away from the usual hustle and bustle. Today was the first day in many weeks that I have felt well enough to take a long walk. Had my birds not called to me I doubt I would have made the attempt. I felt more energetic and actually had little or no pain. I needed to get out and take advantage of this fantastic weather. A bit chilly, but sunny, with a gorgeous blue sky and white fluffy clouds. I stood in amazement as my eyes followed the acres of tree lines, green pastures, cattle grazing in the neighbors field. I laughed at two young children that were playing on a tire swing further down the valley. I faintly heard their laughter as their dog tugged on the tire totally controlling the direction of the swing. I could see a farmer running his combine in his field of beans. Just last evening the coyotes were howling and coming down this very hill where I was standing. They were passing through to reach the other side of the creek where the pack leader had signaled them to follow. Nature is amazing and exciting. I felt invigorated and thankful for all of the blessings I have in my life. Everyone needs a moment occasionally to escape and put their thoughts in prospective. To clear your mind and just silently become one with nature. God is good. I hope you have a wonderful day Brandon as well. God Bless you and yours. I hope to hear from you whether you come to share your hawk experience or just to share what is in your heart. Blessings to all.

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    • Pamela/Pam Says:

      Thank you Lovetta, but I can not take credit for this site. It has brought me much inner peace and given me a place to share my experience with these wonderful birds. I am so pleased that you have come here to share your thoughts and hope you do return. With the world being in such turmoil it is pleasant to find a comfy place to go to take our minds off the sadness and the the heartache around us. i am so thankful and have learned to appreciate life’s simple pleasures. Bless you dear friend, may you and yours be safe and in good health. Welcome to our family.

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  110. Pamela/Pam Says:

    Twelve seasons have passed since my summer of awakening. My hair has since thinned and my skin has begun to show the signs of time. It is winter. Our winter has brought extremely cold temperatures and record snow fall this year. As I sit here in the early morning a full moon shines brightly casting dancing shadows on the ground of glistening white as it seems to weave between the black fast moving clouds. It is almost haunting yet lovely at the same time. A lonely owl who visits nightly calls yet hears nothing returning it’s pleas for a companion. My window frosted in each corner like fairy dust allowing the moon to cast a glow into the darkness of the night. I sit here wishing for another time. Memories flowing through my mind like the water in the creek beside my lane before the winter froze it silent. I recall the very moment I heard the longing calls of the young hawks that in many ways changed my life. How I wish I might be blessed to experience this gift once more before I enter into the last phase of my journey. Had I not had the honor of the presence of these glorious birds would I be as humbled and content as I am today? I think not. I know these creatures came to me at a time in my life when I needed something to fulfill a part of me that was lost. I still see my birds. They come it seems when I am in need of solace and when I am feeling alone. I have lost family and friends both human and animal since my first meeting with my birds. There have been dark times that have left me perhaps at my lowest yet they come to me in those moments and offer me peace and an understanding of what this journey of life has to offer in spite of the darkness that comes without warning. I have been given a glimpse into another realm in time that I may have never acknowledged without the gentle nudge these magnificent hawks have guided me to see. It has been a connection unlike anything I have ever known. I can still feel the over powering depth of their eyes that first drew me into their very soul and blessed me with an awakening beyond any expectation. I take great comfort and wisdom from their spirit and see it in my life as a gift and an honor . Why I was chosen still amazes me. I have asked myself this question many times. The answer will come one day of this I am quite sure. The sky has turned into a pale grey the moon has faded from view. The morning has welcomed the new day as I wonder what it will hold. The owl no longer calling, the silence has brought a shiver to my being. Sleep will soon follow. I will dream of my birds soaring in the blue sky calling my name. I will awake with the hope that today will be the beginning of a new adventure. May those who read this have a blessed day and know that through dark and light you will never be alone. We are here for a reason. We have come together for a greater good. Listen to the whisper in the wind that will guide you and give you the meaning of what we have been chosen for. Open your heart and reach out your hand to someone in need. Accept the things you can not change but change the things you can not accept.

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    • Pamela/Pam Says:

      Thank you algo, I appreciate your comment. Spring is in the air, I have spotted a nest again this year. It is high atop a large poplar tree on the hillside above my house. Clearly in view until the leaves emerge from they tiny buds on the branches left barren from winter. The nest reaches up to the sky and will be safely concealed as the protective mama hawk has carefully planned. I have watched her on the nest for the past week. I observe with great anticipation. I love this time of year. The air is brisk yet cleansed from the fallen snow and the usual rain that comes with the changing of the seasons. My flowers have pushed through the moist black earth and seem to stretch into the sunlight. The grass has become green overnight as the rain and the sunshine partner to welcome a fresh new beginning. The song birds sing almost in harmony while the peepers announce the end of a frozen time. The young squirrels busy themselves from branch to branch and tree to tree, as the sun peeps through the clouds in a brilliant blue sky. I glance to the wooded hillside and imagine the various creatures of nature preparing to give birth. My robins have been spared in spite of the past weeks though winter lingered and refused to surrender. Our neighbors cattle have begun to deliver spring calves who frolic in the now green pastures once covered in snow only weeks before. I take in a deep breath as my eyes wander from every corner and every hill side. The water in our creek flowing at rapid speed from the heavy rain from the night before,dancing over the rocky creek bed lulling me into a trance like state. I stand mesmerized by the pulsating rhythm as the water echoes across the valley. My heart pounding with excitement of my reinforced appreciation for all the beauty that surrounds me, exceeding all expectations. Erasing all the forlorn memories from the harsh temperatures of the past few months. It is an awakening once again, a rebirth, a new beginning, and a fresh start. There are so many blessings, so many miracles evolving with each passing day. Though we live in troubled times we must never forget to live and embrace every moment. We are not guaranteed our tomorrows. Take the time to express your love, reach out a hand to those in need. Believe in your self and allow yourself to escape the hustle of your busy life to gather your thoughts privately and put your priorities in order. Have a Blessed day.

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    • Pamela/Pam Says:

      I guess I am somewhat confused at some of the recent posts totally unrelated to the site. I miss the original format. However I wish all who come here a wonderful day.

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    • Pamela/Pam Says:

      I appreciate that, and hope you do return. I saw my birds just today. They were soaring in circles above my house calling. I wish I could express the emotions that stir within me when they return. Only two come back, I presume the two that I fed for the longest time. I am not sure. Maybe I want to believe that , because we had this connection that will forever remain in my heart. The third one , Aquarius , spent most of the three months at Raptor Rescue while the other two remained here. The day the rescue released the one who had been so ill , Aquarius ,here in my lane was a heartwarming day. I had just fed Zeus and Gemini . The gentleman from the rescue came early that morning. She hesitated at first , then suddenly flew from the cage. My heart was pounding as I saw her fly with ease . She landed in the tall sycamore tree where I had first discovered these breath taking creatures. She sat for a few moments, turning her head from side to side when Zeus and Gemini came soaring above us calling. She immediately straightened and watched with keen eyes. In an instant she was high in flight joining her family for the first time in three months. Seeing them soar together made me cry, in fact I sobbed. It was a moment I will never forget. The two that continue to come are my birds. I know this because the dive down close to me and occasionally land . They watch me and they allow me to speak softly to them as I had done when they were young. Sometimes they come from totally different directions. It makes me smile. I feel like this is where they come to meet , somewhere familiar , somewhere they call home. I am honored, and I have been blessed because, I am part of their family, and this peaceful little valley is their home. So far they have nested here or close by for the past two years which has been a dream come true. This year sadly, the nest at the top of the hill nestled in the woods above my house was silent of any young. I heard the mama crying those mournful sounds for a few days. One of my males Zeus, appeared here several times as if to alert me of their loss. Perhaps the cold wet spring was to harsh, I am uncertain, but it broke my heart. Both Zeus and Gemini have mated as I have seen the nests and Zeus and Gemini have continued to come. Their females have never watch from afar. I worry about my female Aquarius,and hope that she is healthy and free. The most important thing to me is that they have remained free and able to soar the skies. I never wanted to cage them , I was thankful that Gemini and Zeus never had to experience that but even more thankful that Aquarius though caged was returned here healthy and able to spend the remainder of her life the way God intended her to be. I will never truly understand why I was chosen but will always be grateful to have been blessed with these amazing and beautiful birds. Sometimes, when I am feeling lonely and a bit sad I think of them and it takes away every negative emotion I have allowed myself to dwell on. It never fails, shortly after, they come to me. I have had many people say that I have exaggerated this lovely story, but I have not. Many times those same people have been here when my birds call to me and soar above our home. They are humbled and shocked and have apologized for their disbelief. I just shrug my shoulders and tell them to just enjoy the moment and never doubt the beauty of God’s Blessings. These birds are a part of me, and I, a part of them. The connection shall not be broken in life or in death. May all who read this know that I wish you well and much happiness. Thank you for your comments and remember to always appreciate life’s blessings and never give up hope or doubt that miracles do exist. Enjoy your journey and cherish every moment and all who have touched your life in a positive way. There will be hard times and good times each happens for a reason. Though we may not understand we must strive to go on and one day every question will be answered. Have a blessed day!

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    • Pamela/Pam Says:

      I am uncertain what this actually means. If I were to recommend any thing It would simply appreciate all the beauty that surrounds you. You have only to find a quiet place and sit back and take it in all From a tiny blade of green grass to the tallest tree. From a tiny mouse to a handsome buck loping in a field. It is everywhere your eyes can see. Allow yourself to feel the serenity and spiritual connection. Respect what lies before your eyes and , and know that it can not be made by man or through a scientific discovery but through a higher power. We have an abundance of breath taking beauty, take the time to feel it, sense it and live it. These are gifts that God has given to all.

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  120. Camilla Says:

    Hello Pam,
    This is my first posting. I found this blog yesterday, when I started looking for Hawk symbolism. The reason that I looked for this information is because of something that happened to me on friday. I drove on Highway 1 in California, coming from a very intense week of retreat in Big Sur. I was heading North, back home, and decided to stop at a cafe for a coffee and a quiet transition moment between the retreat and my return to my stressful life back home. I was standing in the parking lot and to my surprise I felt something wet falling on my head and face. It was a sunny day so I was startled and looked up and around while I was wiping my hair and face. Several red-tail hawks were circling over my head, against the blue sky. There was bird poop on my hand! So I felt it meant something strong but wasn’t sure what! To be covered with Hawk poop?
    What do you say?

    • Pam/ Pamela Says:

      Camilla, I honestly don’t know what to say other than I guess nature called and one of the Hawks did a natural thing. Sorry it had to fall on you. However seeing that many red tails at one time is a wonderful and unusual thing. I would overlook that part of the experience and try to see the beauty and the true meaning. Perhaps it was meant to help you unwind after an intense and stressful week and feel the beauty that is abound in your surroundings. Maybe it was to simply make you laugh and help you overcome the emotions you had gone through prior to spotting these glorious creatures soaring in the sky. Possibly to get your attention, though I have to admit that was not the most gracious way. I never have had that happen to me even when I was raising my red tail juveniles. Sorry, if it was a bad first experience for you but stay alert and I have a feeling you will have more encounters with the red tails in the future. Sorry if my words have not given you much of an answer to your question. I have to say it did make me chuckle . Regardless, have a wonderful day and if you continue to see these birds please stop back by and share it with me. Thank you, and may you have many blessings in your life.

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  122. Felecia Says:

    Well I was riding in A car an I looked over and it was a red tail hawk flying right beside me with prey in her talons… what does that mean it was right after I said this year is going too be a great year I feel it ….2 sec later…she was there with fresh kill…what does that mean…

    • Pam/Pamela Says:

      I wish I could give you an explanation that sounded logical. However I will tell you what I would take from it. Perhaps it was a sign that it will be a good year indeed as the hawk has proven that it will survive and flourish in spite of the harshness of winter, so will you. Regardless that type of sighting is special , I believe they are in fact messengers. Those of us who are fortunate enough to have such encounters usually feel an emotional connection to the hawk. Did you feel this ? If so then I believe you were chosen by the hawk. I am wondering if 2014 was a difficult year for you? My first encounter with these beautiful birds came at a time when I desperately needed something to help me deal with my illness and the fears that I was experiencing at the time. It brought me to a better emotional state of mind and allowed me to see and appreciate the many things I had taken for granted. I felt an instant connection to my birds that gave me peace and comfort. They changed my outlook and I developed a deeper and more spiritual relationship with nature and God. I saw a red tail today and every time I do, I give thanks to both our heavenly father and to my beautiful messengers who instantly give me a feeling of security and hope for my tomorrows. I had just said a prayer for the animals coping with the recent heavy snow fall, knowing many would be hungry and unable to find much needed food to survive. I looked up and there he was. It was if he were thanking me for including him in my prayers giving me a sign that he would in fact survive. Being somewhat burdened by the extreme cold and bored from having to stay indoors he was a welcomed sight. It sounds like you have the ability to sense things yet to come and the hawk may continue to reappear to you from time to time. may this year bring many blessings to your life and I hope you continue to have sightings of red tail hawks. When you do, remember , you were given this connection for a reason and allow it to assure you that you are a special and unique person. Embrace this as a gift and enjoy the depth of inner peace each sighting will bring. God bless you and guide you on your journey of life.

  123. Ramona Ckark Says:

    I asked to see grandfather hawk and did get what I asked for. After I passed the hawk I felt like I was flying and then my vision started to disaper. I got scared and that was when I stared to get a head rush and sweeting and the feeling I need to throw up and I was going to pass out.

    • Pamela/Pam Says:

      Ramona. I have never had such an experience such as that. I am uncertain what you mean by grandfather hawk as it is a term I myself have not heard of or used. The only thing I have ever asked from the Hawks is a sighting from time to time. It would be interesting to hear more from you as I sense perhaps a Native American background which intrigues me and I would enjoy educating myself to Native beliefs. Welcome to the site and hopefully you will share more of your sightings.

  124. Samantha Says:

    What does it mean when a man licks a red hawk feather?

  125. Pamela/Pam Says:

    I believe the feathers represent guardianship, & strength. As far as licking them? Perhaps to receive strength? I am not certain of this. I believe the hawks are messengers and that you are chosen by them. Could you give us more information of your experience to help us understand the situation somewhat better? It might be more helpful.

  126. Pamela/Pam Says:

    This past year has been a difficult one. My sister passed away in June and my wonderful and loyal dog Helen who had been ill passed 3 weeks later. That dear sweet dog hung on for me of this I have no doubt. As sick as she was she lay by my side as I mourned for the loss of my sister and the fear of loosing her, my devoted companion. A month or so later I was told by my Dr that I was in rejection of my transplanted kidney. I found solice in the sightings of my hawks. They come to me in the darkest of hours lifting my spirits and renewing my faith. They came to me the very day that Helen passed. I had seen them a week prior to my sisters death. For some reason I felt this particular visit was a warning of sorts which left me feeling somewhat on edge which rarely happens when I have been blessed by the sightings. When Helen passed I was crying as I stood on my porch feeling lost without my faithful friend. In the distance I heard the cries of a red tail. Uncertain if they were mine or one of their offspring I asked them for comfort and if they would accompany Helen on her final journey . They appeared before the words escaped from my mouth. So beautiful and so breathtakingly amazing I felt relieved and knew that Helen would not be alone. I was devastated by my sister’s passing and had not left my house for several days. Helen was with me every step I took in spite of her weakness she remained by my side. My sister’s death was horrific in ways I had not expected, feeling shocked by the circumstances and saddened she had suffered and was alone in her final hours left me quite stunned and in disbelief. To be honest I felt anger that she allowed herself to be in the situation that would cause her such pain and suffering. My anger continued for some time causing me to feel guilty for not mourning for her as I had at the loss of my dog. Weeks passed by and my health was failing. I convinced myself that stress and feeling lonely was the cause never imagining that I would be in rejection, I had an appointment with my doctor early in September. By then I had come to realize that it was indeed my kidney. The trip to his office takes some time . I remember wishing for a sighting but disappointed I had not seen a red tail as we traveled down the interstate. The news was what I had expected it to be. For several weeks testing, biopsy, and treatment had taken it’s toll. It was mid October , a beautiful warm sunny day I had decided to sit in my yard in my comfy chair and just enjoy the beauty. Wrapped in a blanket on a warm sunny day I reclined my chair to stare into the gorgeous blue sky filled with white puffy clouds. Feeling exhausted and still chilled I became focused on a tiny gold leaf that barely hung to a branch of my huge Maple tree. It was clinging by it’s stem, the wind beating it harshly. It swayed back and forth refusing to let go to follow the others already on the ground below. That tiny little gold leaf refusing to give up mesmerized me. Making me understand that I myself had given up. I wondered how long it would hold on and decided that I must not give up hope and must seek the same determination as this precious gold leaf. Feeling hopeful and making the decision to never give up I heard the flapping of wings and to my amazement a red tail had landed in the very tree that hosted the clinging tiny gold leaf. He observed me with fierce intent. Glaring down directly above me. I experienced an overwhelming sense of peace, and determination inspired by both the leaf and reinforced by the red tail hawk. He sat there for several minutes our eyes focused only on one another. It was if he reassured me to have the strength and the faith to accept what I had no control to change but to believe that I had the ability to fight just as that tiny gold leaf struggled to hold on to the brittle tree branch I needed to hold on as well. He suddenly flapped his wings and flew above me into the wooded trees on the hillside. Unable to locate him by sight but still hearing his calls from afar I closed my eyes giving thanks for the sighting and for the message he had brought to me on this lovely fall day. I had been lost in my own self pity and had forgotten to appreciate the bounty of the beauty that surrounds me. I had not give thanks for my blessings in some time. It was like I was awakened once again after a long hibernation I had inflicted upon myself. His calls faded but his presence still known. I have since continued to accept my destiny but refuse to give up hope. My health improving at a slow place I will accept what ever comes my way. Just yesterday I heard a red tail close by.I am certain one will appear very soon . Life is a journey and we must face what comes before us but the important lesson I have learned is that I am stronger than realized in the past several months and I will remember to give praise and to thank our Heavenly Father for the many blessings in my life in spite of the mistakes I have made and the regrets that still haunt me at times I know I am forgiven and so very fortunate for family and friends , as well as these beautiful creatures that continue to soar so freely in the sky. May all who reads this be blessed and may you find peace and comfort in your life.

  127. Patricia welch Says:

    Today, there were 6 chicken hawks circling above my house. They circled for about 10 minutes a bit scattered, but rejoined together as the flew towards the west and out of sight. I am going through a divorce along with medical concerns. I plan to move south to Florida to be closer to my sister. My soon to be ex husband is an alcolic and very angry. He stesses me out. I was worrying about him making trouble for me and our girls to move peacefully and then I saw the hawks. What message could they be giving me?

  128. Trish Branding Image Expert Says:

    Last night I dreamed I was in an open space. Looking up blue bright skies many falcons where flying in a circle. About 10 of them. Then a big car was in front of me with its back doors open. A big box was in the back of this car filled with bread. I ran to the car to pick up some bread to feed the falcons. Then I could feel one of them pulling the sleeve of my shirt and even feeelin it’s feathers on my skin.
    I live in the woods and I saw a falcon sitting on my back fence. That was last year. Never saw him again. Can you tell me the meaning of my dream? Much thanks.

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