Tasar note to cops, 50 yr old woman on cellphone “NO”, Naked man wielding axe “YES”

mr-axe-man.jpgWAUZEKA, Wis. — Charges are pending after a naked 52-year-old Wauzeka man attacked Crawford County Sheriff’s Department deputies with an axe Thursday night after barricading himself in his house.

Deputies responded to Wauzeka for a report of a male, who authorities have not identified, acting “bizarre,” according to Crawford County Sheriff Jerry Moran. Deputies were knocking on the door when the man suddenly appeared naked and brandishing a double-bitted axe. The man started to come outside with the axe before retreating, shutting the door and swinging the axe, sticking it through the door. He then barricaded himself in the house.

Moran said deputies backed away from the house and summoned the Tri-River Special Operations Team. Deputies surrounded the house and evacuated neighbors. At 7:20 p.m., the man suddenly charged out of his house, shouting at police. The team’s members responded, using a taser and rubber bullets to subdue the man, who was not seriously hurt. He was taken to Boscobel Area Health Care

for examination for any possible injuries.



One Response to “Tasar note to cops, 50 yr old woman on cellphone “NO”, Naked man wielding axe “YES””

  1. Jorge Flores Says:

    How sexy was 50yr women

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