American Fascism – Time to Speak Out


Silence Dogood, October 22nd, 2007

The Bush administration and today’s extremist-wing of the Republican Party are Nazi-like in many respects and it is absurd for any reasonable person to pretend otherwise. Sorry, but save your feigned rebuttals for someone preferring to have his or her fears soothed by nonsensical rationalizations.

To know what is happening, all one need do is watch a segment of FOX News. Afterwards it won’t take long to realize that the administration and extremist-wing of the Republican Party have a full-blown Goebbels-like propaganda network working overtime to make truths, lies and lies, truths. It is no longer a matter of putting forth political ideas — hence the all-out rebellion by true Conservative Republicans — FOX News and the extremist Republican Radio Network are pitching ideology. Indeed, there are few differences between the administration, today’s extremist-wing of the Republican Party and Hitler’s Nazis. One important difference is that neither Bush nor the GOP has gotten around to stoking the ovens. That isn’t to say, however, that it can’t or won’t happen.

Another difference between the extremist Republicans’ brand of fascism and Hitler’s will be who gets pitched into the detention centers and ovens. The Nazis had the Jews and the extremist Republicans will have the political opposition … the Liberals and the Democratic Party. Excuse me, the “Democrat” Party.

Now, of course, just about anybody can be branded either a “Liberal” or a member of the “Democrat Party,” so the extremist Bush administration-supporting Republicans will be able to make anybody they choose into enemies of the state. For decades the Republican Party and their propagandists have been dehumanizing and making evil the so-called Liberal and now, for good measure, they’ve begun denigrating the Democratic Party. Republicans refuse to speak respectfully and properly about the political opposition in anyway … including referring to them in child-like derogatory fashion. FOX News’ telecasts are becoming more virulent, more violent, and more confrontational by the day. It is all designed to instill a sense of hatred, in their followers and viewers, toward those who disagree with today’s Nazi-like extremist-wing of the Republican Party.

A FOX News telecast has become, in form and function, Orwell’s “Two Minutes of Hate.”

Go ahead if you must – if it makes you sleep better at night, continue pretending there is some grand difference between the Bush administration, today’s extremist-wing of the Republican Party and Hitler’s Nazis. Do whatever makes you feel better. Call us crazy, like many had when we warned of lies being told during the lead-up to war in Iraq and the disaster that was sure to ensue. Attack those who claim the obvious semblance between the rise of Hitler’s Nazi Party and what is happening here in America today … ignore the reality biting at your heels and lay your pretty head down to sleep.

People might rightly wonder, where are these rampant symptoms of the coming fascism? Obviously the symptoms of the fascist plague are everywhere … they imprison American citizens without trial or charge; they enter homes without warrant or warning; they listen to phone conversations without cause or warrant; they read postal mail without reason or court authorization; they make war based on lies; they steal from the working people and give the tax revenues to their crony business pals; and the President had even tried replacing all the District Attorney’s that were investigating either his administration or the Republican Party’s corruption. Finally, they’ve begun handing over all aspects of surveillance and intelligence to the military … all intelligence, both foreign and domestic.

The administration and Republican Party, of course, attack anyone that dares point out their obvious fascist Nazi-like behavior and tendencies. “What,” they mockingly insist, “sort of low-life, scumbag, evil person could possibly compare us to those who had killed six million Jews?” With that simple phrase the administration, extremist wing of the Republican Party, their propagandists, FOX News, and even the corporate-owned and sponsored media pounce, deride, and ridicule the accuser. And just like that … the messenger cowers in silence.

That cowering … that silence must end! It must end, because the only difference between the extremist-wing of the Republican Party and the Nazis having killed six million people is that there is yet time for Americans to speak out against our country’s Nazi-like reality. Only silence allowed Hitler and the Nazis to rise to power. Only silence!


2 Responses to “American Fascism – Time to Speak Out”

  1. matt Says:

    Congrats… This is great propaganda i with the GOP had propaganda half as good as what you just made, because if they did maybe people would see the real enemys of the working class. that is to say that yes as Americans we have a threat facing our middle class but this threat is not the GOP rather thoughs very liberals who you insist are like the jews of Germany. Now i would never say that in any way compareing the socialist i mean “democrat party” to jews being a jew myself i dont feel my grandparents were atempting to overthrow democracy and replace it with an elitest socialist dictatorship. Oh im sorry i guess im wrong Comrade Gore and hiss cronies know best us working folk dont need control of our own money we shold pay it all in taxes to them so they can distribute it as seen fit by them no checks and balances. Oh matt the war was based on a lie, well so was many other wars in history the athenians built a naval flet to fight a war based on a lie it is because of this lie that democracy was able to remain in athens and also without the athenian navy we wouldent have the story of the 300 spartans. this is all true except in records it should be noted that President bush in FACT did not lie about the war in iraq he simply noted we do not know if Saddam had WMDs if he does we must disarm them if he doesent the world will be better with a democratic Iraq. now to the WW2 references i feel the corect connection should be made with this US occupation of western Germany and US occupation of iraq we in FAct will and should be thier forever however once we beat this patch of secretarian violence we will be able to have families in iraq not just soldiers like we do now in germany. Other that that i really enjoyed what you wrote im in no way quite the writer that you are however i ont think your crazy just misguided.

  2. Barbara Says:

    Matt it’s sarcastic remarks such as yours that makes one realize that you know nothing about the Nazis and the Jews that worked along side them. People, whether Jew, Muslim, Christian, or any of the many cultures that exist, are just that, people. Some ignorant up till the end! Some scared to “Dare” speak out until they come for them! Then of course “It’s too late! America is in bad shape and only a fool would “Dare” deny this blatant fact! But then again the Germans didn’t get it till thier ignorance, or just plain complacency, killed not 5 million people, more like ten million for your information! Many Christians who hid Jews were interned and died in these God awful camps! Wake up Matt “We'” have been building private camps/prisons for years now to house anyone that disagrees with the status quo here in America! Even you Matt may find yourself in trouble unless, of course, you’re a sellout!

    Americans worth their salt are speaking out! A true American patriot does not speak sarcastic to another attempting to enlighten! You can & have the right to disagree but remember to agree to disagree while allowing the other guy his say without belittling he or her! Be open to learn! The one you are insulting may know something that you do not. Someday you may have to eat your words! Just ask some old timers, from other parts of the world who were in the trenches of despair, what they see! You’ll be shocked!

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