Every Conservative is at heart a National Socialist, a Nazi



Some Hateful Ideas
And Their Legacy in the Conservative Right*

Sometimes it only takes a little time for even the most hateful ideas to catch on. With enough power and money‹especially money–the most heinous ideas can become “acceptable” and appear “respectable” to some. Such are the ideas of white male racial superiority and the implied right to power over all others. This includes the additional implied right to “phase out” of existence others who are held to be inferior. These ideas and their underlying rationale were the basis of Hitler’s National Socialism. Though Allied Forces put an end to Hitler and his Third Reich over fifty years ago, ideas of Nazism are still very much alive. They are still wreaking pain, suffering, and death on those whom the Powerful decide are unfit to live.
Historically, National Socialism-­termed ŒNazism'(1) –was Hitler’s Conservative political creed of racial and cultural “purity.” It was also a genocidal program of hatred directed specifically against Jews. Hitler’s Nazism was based on the twin myths of racial and cultural “purity” of so-called Aryans (the Whites) and the “diseased and dirty” race and culture of so-called non-Aryans (the non-Whites), particularly the Jews. National Socialism became the foundational creed of a genocidal eugenics political program to “cleanse” the world of the “dirty” Jews and their “diseased” cultural influence. Hitler envisioned his Third Reich as the beginning of a New World Order that would put Ayran Whites back in their “natural” place of Superiority and Power over all others. It was also intended to rid the world of those whom he claimed had usurped Aryans of their “rightful” Power and Superior Position in the first place. Aryans had to be put back in to their natural place of superiority over others, Hitler held, because a powerful and deceitful Jewish cabal had over many years conspired through devious financial and cultural manipulation, to displace them.
In Hitler’s view, the only real solution to the so-called “Jewish problem” was a Final Solution to rid the world of them, a world that had to be “cleansed” of Jews and their influence. At the end of WWII, the world learned of the efficient machinery of death built and operated by Hitler’s SS to do just that. Throughout Europe, millions of Jews and entire populations of other “diseased and dirty” so-called “non-Aryans” were shipped in train cars to multiple concentration camps and murdered.
A Dramatic Shift to the Conservative Right in America
Since the end of WWII, but especially over the last 35 years or so, the political landscape in the U.S. –as well as other parts of the world–has shifted dramatically to the Conservative Right. That shift has largely gone unnoticed by those not old enough or not historically sensitive enough to place the Conservative Right political ideology and agenda in historical perspective. Many do not realize that the inherently racist, homophobic, and misogynist ideology now passed off by some Conservative Right politicians such as George W. Bush as acceptable and even respectable, was part of the reason the U.S. entered WW II. Millions of American soldiers died fighting against that hateful ideology that many on the Conservative Right‹in varying degrees– are now trumpeting as a kind of “final solution” to socioeconomic and other problems they claim have been created by the U.S. Government and by the “Liberals” of the 1960’s.



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