One of the themes of DWT has been to expose the unadulterated assault– inspired by a kind of ideological psychosis and in support of unbounded corporate greed– by the Bush Regime on the regulatory agencies. The very functions of these agencies– protection of consumers in a mass society– is anathema to mindless right-wingers. A couple years ago, when Lester Crawford, BushCo’s Food and Drug Administration chief, was forced to resign, we noted that even staunchly conservative Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley was relieved, pointing out, diplomatically, that “in recent years, the FDA has demonstrated a too-cozy relationship with the pharmaceutical industry and an attitude of shielding rather than disclosing information.”

The grotesque and deadly incompetence brought to light by Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath– a kind of perfect storm scenario that exposed conservative anti-government ideology at its worst and proved why extreme conservatives are unfit to govern– shed light not just on FEMA but on how the Bush Regime had systematically wrecked the entire machinery of the regulatory agencies. more


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