America’s Neo-Tough Guys – And their mommies and daddies. Article by Glenn Greenwald.


Prompted by my post from yesterday about Bill Kristol and Fred Kagan, I want to raise an issue which I think receives far less attention than its significance warrants. Among the country’s most influential neoconservatives, one finds extremely pervasive nepotism. Beyond that, a conspicuously high percentage of them have had their careers created, shaped and fueled by their parents. They have been dependent upon the accomplishments of their parents, especially their fathers, whose political views they end up reciting almost without deviation. Just look at the intertwined axis that spawned the two leading “surge” advocates, Kristol and Kagan:

Bill Kristol’s parents are Irving Kristol, the so-called “godfather of neoconservatism,” and Gertrude Himmelfarb, whose defining political act was an homage paid at the AEI to the virtues of Victorian morality. Bill followed in his parents’ footsteps almost completely – the same career, the same political circles, the same exact political beliefs as his mother and father, and had his career shaped by them from the start.



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