Impeach The Cheerleader, Save The World! / Save The Cheerleader, Screw The World!

This administration just. Doesn’t. Fucking. Get it. They still have yet to grasp that what Iraq, what America needs isn’t reshrink-wrapped damaged goods that find their way in the idea market place’s bargain bin. We don’t need more talking points or agreed-upon catch phrases that everyone dutifully parrots like pitchmen hawking the latest iPod. We don’t need a new spin on the same old shit that Stevie Wonder can see in a dark room wearing heavily smoked glasses:

Iraq is going to the dogs of war. They’re in the first throes of civil war (or worse. At least in a civil war, you know who your fucking enemy is) and all that remains is for Margaret fucking Mitchell to rise from the grave to write a bloated romance novel about it.

And don’t go looking for Estonia and Latvia for much help. The article proudly says that “they are strong allies in the war on terror” without, wisely, venturing a comprehensive definition of the word “strong.” Estonia and Latvia, to the rest of Europe, are probably looked upon as equal contenders for the inspiration for The Mouse That Roared.

Save The Cheerleader, Screw The World!


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