What are you doing to Help win the “war”?



Marine Lance Cpl. Jesus A. Suarez Del Solar

What are you doing this weekend?


Some of you will walk for your favorite candidates. Some of you may vote. Some of you will do none of the above.


Right now over a hundred thousand Americans and aspiring Americans are fighting in Iraq. Their tours of duty have been extended again and again. It must seem like one of those nightmares that you know you are having but can’t get yourself to wake from.




I say “aspiring Americans” because one of our national dirty little secrets that folks like Lou Dobbs keep from you is that there are thousands of what are referred to as “green card marines” serving in Iraq and Afganistan. These are Latino immigrants that are serving thier adopted America. The fact is that many of the “green card marines” have not even been afforded green cards yet. Yes Lou, there is more evidence of patriots coming over our southern border than there is of terrorists using that route. more


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