Freedom is under attack. Under attack by hysterical and well-funded Christian psychotics

“The dictionary definition of the word ‘terrorize’ is simple and not open to misinterpretation: ‘To fill or overpower with terror; terrify; to coerce by intimidation or fear.’ Note please that the words violence and death are missing from that definition, for the key to terror, the key to terrorism, is not the act, but the fear of the act. That is why Bin Laden and his deputies and his imitators are forever putting together videotaped statements and releasing virtual informercials with dire threats and heart-stopping warnings. Why is the Republican party imitating them?”

Keith Olbermann, a rare mainstream media voice speaking truth to power. Watch the video. And, hey, why not? Here’s another good Olber-rant about Dubya’s flip-flop on “staying the course”, for good measure.


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