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energy independence

November 23, 2006

Steven Chu, Director of Lawrence Berkeley Labs: “The energy problem: our current choices and future hopes”

note how much Lawrence Berkeley Labys cost. 1/2 billion per year. We are spending 8 to 9 Billion per month on Iraq

Check out all of the university of princeton’s on line lectures


The How and Why of America’s Polarization: Republicans Declared War

November 23, 2006

A. Alexander, November 22nd, 2006

“Gosh,” professional pundits and pseudo-journalists like Tim Russert and Katie Couric wonder, “how did American politics become so ‘polarized?”’ One assumes it is a sarcastic rhetorical question. The how and why of America’s polarization is after all, as obvious as it was intentional. Most absurd, however, is the way in which the Russerts, Blitzers, and Courics of the world tend to blame the so-called liberals for America’s polarized condition.

How America became polarized is simple. More than thirty years ago, the Republican Party set out on a mission to divide the country.


watch Tony Blair fold like a bad poker Hand

November 20, 2006


Blair hit by Saudi ‘bribery’ threat

David Leppard

SAUDI ARABIA is threatening to suspend diplomatic ties with Britain unless Downing Street intervenes to block an investigation into a £60m “slush fund” allegedly set up for some members of its royal family.A senior Saudi diplomat in London has delivered an ultimatum to Tony Blair that unless the inquiry into an allegedly corrupt defence deal is dropped, diplomatic links between Britain and Saudi Arabia will be severed, a defence source has disclosed.

The Saudis, key allies in the Middle East, have also threatened to cut intelligence co-operation with Britain over Al-Qaeda.


Robert Gate’s co-chair report on Iran strategy

November 20, 2006


He has got to be better than Rummy


Iran: Time for a New Approach (pdf file).

Example of the difference Democrats can make

November 19, 2006



Congress set to take a new view of global warming

By Edward Luce

Published: November 18 2006 02:00 | Last updated: November 18 2006 02:00

Nowhere is the shift of control in last week’s US elections more dramatic than in the influential Senate environment committee.

For the last four years, James Inhofe, the outgoing Republican chairman, has blocked any attempts to address global warming, describing man-made climate change as the greatest “hoax” ever practised on the American people

In contrast, his successor, Senator Barbara Boxer, a Democrat from California, said this week tackling global warming would be her top priority.

“The only thing James Inhofe and Barbara Boxer have in common is that they are human beings,” said Anna Aurilio, director of the Washington Public Interest Research Group, an advocacy outfit. “On global warming, Senator Boxer is the most passionate figure on Capitol Hill.”


George “mini-me” Bush

November 14, 2006

Newsweek is the latest major media outlet to repeat the falsehood that the 2006 election was an endorsement of conservatism. The latest Newsweek cover story notes:


The American people, as politicians like to say, spoke last week – and spoke in no uncertain terms. The 2006 vote does not suggest an eagerness for a sharp left turn. It seems, rather, to be a plea for a shift from the hard right of the neoconservatives to the center represented by the old man in Houston [President George H. W. Bush].

The “centrist” ideas “represented” by former President Bush are actually progressive ideas put forward over a year ago. Media reports indicate that the James Baker-led Iraq Study Group will call for (1) a phased drawdown of U.S. troops from Iraq and (2) a diplomatic initiative to engage Iraq’s regional neighbors to help calm ethnic tensions. The Center for American Progress advanced these very steps over a year ago in its Strategic Redeployment plan.

It’s also worth noting that former President Bush publicly backed his son’s Iraq policy prior to the war. Two months before the invasion, Bush 41 said “someone needs to step forward to hold Saddam to account. And the United States, led by our president, is prepared to do just that.” True, some former Bush advisers have opposed the war since the beginning. Yet others, like Colin Powell, were among the most prominent public advocates.

Can’t say I missed work, Bobs

November 14, 2006


Absenteeism in U.S. workplace hits highest level in years
Workers are taking more unscheduled days off as bosses struggle to curb the practice.

Associated Press

Skipping work without good reason? You have lots of company.

Unscheduled absenteeism at U.S. companies and organizations has climbed to its highest level since 1999, according to results of a recent nationwide survey of human resource executives in U.S. companies and organizations.

The survey, conducted for CCH by the Harris Interactive consulting firm, put the U.S. absenteeism rate at 2.5 percent in 2006, up from 2.3 percent a year ago and the highest since seven years ago when it was 2.7 percent.

It found that personal illness accounts for only 35 percent of unscheduled absences, with the rest due to family issues (24 percent), personal needs (18 percent), stress (12 percent) and entitlement mentality (11 percent).


baker/ “the wolf”/ “the cleaner” (Iraq Study Group)

November 13, 2006

Just read this, the complete NWO cast


In any case, the Iraq Study Group won’t issue its report until some time early in 2007. In a recent speech, according to a member of the task force, Baker said that to do something before the November 2006 elections would inevitably politicize the report, something that Baker desperately wants to avoid.

But with each passing day, the country is closer to the train wreck that Baker and others are said to fear. In the end, avoiding it might ride on the ability of Jim Baker to persuade the president that it’s time to declare victory and exit.

“The object of our policy has to be to get our little white asses out of there as soon as possible,” another working-group participant told me. To do that, he said, Baker must confront the president “like the way a family confronts an alcoholic. You bring everyone in, and you say, ‘Look, my friend, it’s time to change.

“I lost because you touch yourself at night.”

November 12, 2006

Senator Ricky Santorum is on his way out…and the sadness of his defeat shall haunt my dreams forever. My favorite part of his concession speech was when he began with “First and foremost, I want to thank God,” and the entire crowd cheered like Jesus R. Christ himself had emerged from the back with Satan in a sleeperhold.


I still cannot believe this is true, complete Democratic sweep in my district. US Senate and Rep (Murphy) and stat Rep (King)

the Harry Potter son’s stoic look that screams of Columbine, the daughter in the back who’s wholesome by day and giving half of Pennsylvania rusty trombones by night

Norwegian Wood – Porn activists go all the way to save the rainforest

November 6, 2006

Leona and Tommy
Warning: The following article contains naughty words — but we can’t help it, as they’re the whole subject of the story. It also contains links to websites that are, as they say, “not safe for work.” So all you kids, go play Pokemon or whatever it is you do these days. The rest of you, consider yourselves warned.

Rainforest and waterfall

How much do you love the rainforest?

Photo: National Center for Atmospheric Research.

It’s been nearly a thousand years since Lady Godiva, the original libertarian libertine, went on her famous naked horseback ride through the streets of Coventry to protest high taxes imposed by her husband.

Since then, the West has been subjected to the Enlightenment, free love, bra burning, Third Wave feminism, and Janet Jackson’s nipple. And yet, it seems, getting naked for a good cause is just as scandalous as it ever was.