prediction: republicans maintain the house and senate (black box voting), bombs start to fly soon after


Frailty, thy name is Tehran
By Spengler

Russia warned on Saturday against “any attempt to use the Security Council … to promote the idea of regime change” in Iran. On the same day, the USS Eisenhower carrier strike force entered the Persian Gulf, joining two other carrier groups already steaming off the Iranian coast. Two paraphrases of William Shakespeare occur to me: The Russian doth protest too much, and Frailty, thy name is Tehran.

It is silly to portray the United States as a declining imperial power. The US set out to stabilize Iraq, and instead plunged it into civil war, precisely as I predicted three years ago. [1] Suppose instead that the US had set out intentionally to plunge Iraq into civil war. How easy would that have been? Iraq is an empire in miniature, a multi-ethnic-and-confessional changeling created by French and British imperialists in their own image. Like Iran, where Persians comprise just half the population, and Syria, an ethnic and religious farrago ruled by an Alawi clique, Iraq suffers the centrifugal faults of empire without, however, enjoying the imperial advantage of rewarding one’s own people by oppressing others.more


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