The Betrayal of America


The Betrayal of America
Posted by H2O Man in General Discussion
Tue Oct 17th 2006, 10:42 AM
“In our comprehensive reviewing of published, academically accepted history we continually explore for the invisible power structure behind the visible kings, prime ministers, czars, emperors, presidents, and other official head men, as well as for the underlying, hidden causes of individual wars and the long, drawn-out campaigns not disclosed by the widely published and popularly accepted causes of these wars.”
–R. Buckminster Fuller

In recent weeks, it has become obvious that as a result of the utter failure of President Bush’s attempts to promote his “stay the course” policy in Iraq, that another group of powerful Americans are engaged in an effort to sell a “kinder and gentler” military strategy. During the 2004 “Plame Threads” on the Democratic Underground, I had quoted from retired US Air Force Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty’s book “JFK,” in which he noted a group that Churchill called the “High Cabal,” and which Fuller referred to as the “invisible power structure.” I had mentioned James Baker as a member of that power elite, who — like W. Averell Harriman a generation before him — would step out from behind that invisible curtain from time to time.

It was Baker who came forward to “undermine the Constitution and chose our president” in 2000, as documented in Vincent Bugliosi’s classic “The Betrayal of America.” Baker took actions that resulted in the man elected president, Al Gore, being denied the highest office in the land, because he knew that George W. Bush was fronting for that High Cabal. What Baker did was indeed part of a process that betrayed the citizens, the history, and the Constituion of this country. But he did not do it alone: Baker’s anti-democratic actions were given the stamp of approval by the US Supreme Court in a ruling that, as Bugliosi showed, had no justification in law.


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