Chris Hedges: Bush’s Nuclear Apocalypse

AP Photo/Vahid Salemi

If you are sure you will be raptured into heaven, your clothes left behind with the nonbelievers, then this news should cheer you up. If you are rational, however, these may be some of the last few weeks or months in which to enjoy what is left of our beleaguered, dying republic and way of life.

War with Iran—a war that would unleash an apocalyptic scenario in the Middle East—is probable by the end of the Bush administration.


2 Responses to “Chris Hedges: Bush’s Nuclear Apocalypse”

  1. Jack Mehoffer Says:

    I guess this election is going to be pretty important, to bad we will have no way to verify the results. Bush is insane

  2. dude Says:

    I guess this is Rove’s Oct surprise

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